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    > xposted from H-AFRLITCINE@H-NET.MSU.EDU
    > From: Dr Anna Livia, University of Illinois
    > a-brawn@UIUC.EDU
    > Acquiring AFRICAN FILM:
    > 1. SEMBENE
    > I have just bought _Xala_, and _Borom Sarret_
    > (Ousmane Sembene's first
    > film--considered the first African film to be made
    > in Africa--1963) from
    > Facets' Video company who acquired it from the
    > British Film Institute. The tape of _Borom Sarret_
    > includes _Denko_ by Mohamed Camara (who also made
    > _Dakan_--the first gay African film) and
    > _Certificat D'Indigence_ by Moussa Bathily.
    > Addresses:
    > Facets Video, 1517 Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL
    > 60614
    > British Film Institute 0171 255 1444
    > These films are in PAL, ie. NOT VHS and need to be
    > transferred for use on VHS.
    > Other important African films are also available
    > from Facets (you pay for
    > their catalogue but it's well worth it). I have:
    > Touki Bouki, La Vie est
    > belle, Quartier Mozart, Visages de Femmes, Wend
    > Kuuni.
    > Kino in New York also distributes African videos,
    > but Facets tend to be
    > cheaper. I've paid an average of $79 per video
    > from them. Popular movies
    > like _Outremer_ or _Indochine_ tend to be more
    > like $19.
    > Reel seems to be expanding their African list, and
    > they also rent. They
    > have a website but I'm afraid I don't have the URL.

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