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    > xposted from H-AFRLITCINE@H-NET.MSU.EDU
    > From: Donald Larrson, Mankato State University
    > [donald.larsson@MANKATO.MSUS.EDU]
    > As an alumnus of GW's English Dept., I hope that
    > your collection will
    > begin to help make up for the loss of the Circle
    > and Biograph Theaters,
    > which were the source of my real minor in Film
    > Studies.
    > The Library of African Cinema is probably the
    > single richest source of
    > available films, but here are some other possible
    > titles. I don't know
    > about availability for purchase of most of them.
    > I have seen an
    > indication that at least some of Sembene's work is
    > available on video from Fox Lorber.
    > Mypheduh Films in D.C. has an African Film Series
    > on video that
    > and SANOFKIA.
    > Sarah Maldoror's SAMBIZANGA is of historical
    > importance as well as artistic interest.
    > Souleymane Cisse's BRIGHTNESS (YEELEN) is a must!
    > I understand,
    > however, that his earlier works like FINYE and
    > BAARA have been
    > withdrawn. I have also been unable to get hold of
    > Med Hondo's SOLEIL-O.
    > I have also been very impressed by the work of
    > Gaston Kabore, in WEND
    > KUUNI (a great film to analyze what might really
    > be meant by "It takes
    > a village to raise a child") and ZAN BOKO.
    > Finally, the documentary CAMERA D'AFRIQUE is
    > somewhat dated now but quite interesting in giving
    > an overview of production and distribution
    > problems in Africa, as well as giving glimpses of
    > various filmmakers
    > and clips from their films.
    > There are a lot of others out there (including new
    > releases from
    > Library of African Cinema), but I am directly
    > familiar with these.

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