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    > From: Creative Arts Television
    > This memo is in response to several inquiries we
    > have received for more
    > detailed information on the 1978 television
    > documentary THE CINEMA OF SENEGAL.
    > This documentary is 27 minutes long and was made
    > when the Senegalese film director Ousmane SEMBENE
    > was in the United States on the occasion of the
    > premier of his new film CEDDO. On this program he
    > discusses filmmaking in Senegal, and by extension
    > filmmaking in black Africa with his compatriot the
    > elder statesman of African filmmaking Paulin
    > Soumanou VIEYRA and Larry KARDISH, Associate
    > Curator in the Programming Division of the Museum
    > of Modern Art in New York City. Mr. Kardish had at
    > that time arranged a retrospective of African
    > films at the Museum.
    > Excerpts are shown on this program from Mr.
    > Sembene's film, and from ET LA NIEGE N'ETAIT PLUS
    > by Ababacar Samb-Makharam, and REOUH-TAKH by
    > Mahama Johnson Traore.
    > The conversation is in French with a very
    > competent voice over translation. Senegal was in
    > 1978 the only country in sub-Saharan Africa with a
    > film community, and this community was
    > astonishingly vital. The 20 or 30 directors there
    > had managed to make films against tremendous odds.
    > There were no production facilities in the
    > country -- all lab work was done in France.
    > Indeed, films in Senegal were until a few years
    > before this program produced only in the French
    > language because Senegal has several different
    > languages, no one of which -- it was
    > thought --would have guaranteed an audience
    > sufficient to warrant nationwide distribution.
    > The topics discussed with some passion on this
    > program concern this situation and such other
    > themes as art in a post-colonial society,
    > censorship and self-censorship, and the way
    > Senegalese films track the underlying concerns of
    > society, including the conflict between
    > Christianity and Islam and both with old
    > indigenous religions, the role of educated
    > Senegalese who return to a country in which they
    > can no longer relate so comfortably to older
    > traditions, etc. The film clips, too, reflect
    > these themes.
    > $49.95, prepaid, plus shipping of $5 per package
    > in USA.
    > Creative Arts Television
    > Post Office Box 739
    > Kent, CT 06757

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