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    > From: iris []
    > Iris Imaginaes is a Mozambican Film & Video Production Company,
    > currently preparing the film "O CAMPO" (The Field), a film produced
    > within the framework of the Landmine Protest Film Project.
    > O CAMPO is a short story about a one-legged boy, who sees his sister
    > is dying. The live saving medicins arrive by air droppng, but land in
    > the mine field where he already has lost a leg. The boy stands for a
    > dramatic choice.
    > The Field will be shot on 65mm and copies will be made available in
    > any format. The film has no dialogue in a known language which makes
    > the film interesting for all people, without dubbing or
    > subtitling.
    > The Field is designed to have a major impact on the international
    > level, contributing to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines
    > and contributing to local mine awareness campaigns in countries like
    > Mozambique.
    > We are proud to announce that we have received the support of Mrs.
    > Graca Machel, accepting the patronage over the film project and
    > giving her personal commitment and efforts to lobby for the
    > participation of an Afro-American star actress that will give the
    > film even more impact, especially in the United States, one of the
    > countries not yet prepared to sign any treaty on landmines.
    > World wide the film will be distributed through festivals and the
    > cinema & television networks. Until today we have received letters
    > from five television stations expressing their interest in
    > broadcasting the film and we hope more will join in soon.
    > Furthermore we have found the Coca Cola Company Mozambique interested
    > in discussing with us the distribution of the film to over a 1500
    > rural video canteens in Mozambique, with an estimated average
    > audience of 450,000/night.
    > Except for money to complete the budget we are looking for
    > creative distribution oportunities so that the film will be seen by
    > as many people as possible all over the world.
    > Who is interested in knowing more about the Field, who has money, or
    > who has creative initiatives on distribution:
    > Please contact:
    > Bert Sonnenschein
    > Iris Imaginaoes
    > Rua Dar-Es-Salaam 305
    > Caixa Postal 538 tel: 258-1-491331
    > Maputo fax: 258-1-491628
    > Mozambique e-mail:

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