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About: FW: The first Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)

Mon, 6 Apr 1998 09:10:23 -0700 (PDT)

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    > Re: The first Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)
    > 11TH - 18TH JULY '98
    > We would like to bring to your attention, the first Zanzibar
    > International Film Festival (ZIFF) which will be held here in
    > Zanzibar
    > from July, 11th to 18th this year. This festival, which is for the
    > first time in history, bringing together films from all the "Dhow
    > Countries"
    > (African Countries, Gulf Countries, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Sir
    > Lanka and all the Indian Ocean Archipelago), will in addition to the
    > regular section of the festival, introduce a Children Animation
    > Workshop, Women, Children, Youth films and Environmental Panoramas.
    > There will also be a special workshop on the burning issue of the
    > Intellectual Property (Copyright) Laws.
    > The festival will therefore having the following sections:
    > 1. Competitive Categories
    > (a) Feature films by Directors from the Dhow Countries, and
    > (b) Short features /drama and or documentary films by Directors
    > of the Dhow Countries.
    > 2. Non- competition categories
    > (a) International feature films exploring the theme of illusion
    > and reality - (the very soul of Zanzibar)
    > (b) Panorama and retrospectives on children and youths.
    > (c) Environmental panoramas
    > (d) Special Women and Children's rights panoramas
    > (e) Indian panorama, and
    > (f) Cinema of the world (consisting of exceptional panoramas and
    > retrospectives and recent award-winning and critically acclaimed
    > films)
    > 3. Workshops
    > (a) An International Copyright Laws Workshop.
    > (b) Children Animation Workshop
    > Films for the entrance into ZIFF '98 will be those which will have
    > been pre-selected by ZIFF preview committee, and these will be
    > screened in
    > accordance with the rules and regulations of the International
    > Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF), Paris. Entry forms
    > and video copy of the films should be received by ZIFF office not
    > later than 1st May, 1998, and the last date for receiving film prints
    > and
    > publicity material is 20th May, 1998.
    > Meanwhile, we would particularly appreciate your collaboration and
    > assistance in obtaining any feature films or short films on and for
    > children, or women and environmental films and at least one or two of
    > the most highly-acclaimed films or award winning films from your
    > country, made after January, 1996 for the main competition or
    > non-competition panoramas.
    > We intend to invite a certain number of foreign celebrities, mostly
    > filmmakers and personalities connected with outstanding participating
    > films.
    > The Co-ordinator
    > Zanzibar International Film Festival
    > P.O BOX 3032 Zanzibar, Tanzania
    > Tel. 255 54 33408/30609 Fax. 255 54 33406/33135
    > E-mail<>/<>
    > Web site:

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