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    > Please forward as far & wide as possible
    > --------------------------------------------------------------
    > G F V F
    > Grassroots Film & Video Festival
    > 4522 S. 2nd - Austin, TX 78745
    > 512.441.4701
    > This is an invitation for you to submit your video and/or film
    > projects
    > for the first annual Grassroots Film and Video Festival, June 19, 20,
    > & 21,
    > 1998, in Austin, Texas. The GF/VF is part of the the Grassroots News
    > and Media Conference hosted by the Grassroots News Network (GNN).
    > The festival is a great place to present your work to worldwide media
    > groups and independent media producers.
    > The GNN is a coalition formed by members of community radio stations
    > that has now grown to include micro-broadcasters, print journalists,
    > community organizations, and independent producers. The objective of
    > the Conference is to allow for these diverse and varied parts of the
    > coalition to gather, set up a structure, and learn what each other is
    > doing. We can all help each other in our struggles because we are
    > all
    > in the fight -- to allow for alternative voices to be heard in the
    > media.
    > *PURPOSE*
    > The purpose of the Grassroots Film and Video Festival is to showcase
    > progressive film and video works that focus on issues that are not
    > recognized by mainstream media or works that tackle issues in ways
    > not
    > done in mainstream media. The emphasis is on content, though we will
    > not exclude a piece of work simply because it has style.
    > Please submit a 1/2" VHS copy of your work. The film/video work must
    > be completed and postmarked by Friday, April 17, 1998, to be included
    > in the festival. Notices of acceptance will be mailed no later than
    > May
    > 1st 1998.
    > All submissions will be reviewed by a panel elected by the Austin
    > branch of the Grassroots News Network.
    > There is a $10 registration fee for each submission.
    > The address to send your work to is:
    > -----------------
    > Thuyet An Truong
    > GFVF
    > 4522 S. 2nd
    > Austin, TX 78745
    > -----------------
    > Comrade Odekirk
    > Grassroots News Network
    > Austin, Texas

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