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    From: Bridget Bakokodie < <> >
    Organization: S.O.A.S.
    My name is Bridget Bakokodie and I am an Undergraduate student in London. I
    am in the last stages a B.A in Anthropology and African studies at the
    School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) , University of London.
    Over the last 3 years I have studied both African Cinema and Ethnographic
    film as part of my degree course. It was the inclusion of African Cinema on
    the degree programme that led me to the decision to study at SOAS. I
    Recently submitted my dissertation on the Image, Content and Directorial
    style in the 1973 film by Djibril diop Mambety, Touki Bouki.
    Due to distribution, the number of films that I have had access to have been
    limited to those which have been featured on my course. Although the course
    was very good, the politics of funding meant that many of the films were
    extremely old and tended to be what could be seen as the clasics of African
    cinema (Xala, Ceddo, Tilai, Yaaba...etc).
    I am interested in finding out what is happening in African Cinema now
    amongst both young African filmmakers on the Conintent and in Diaspora. I
    would also like to know of any screenings that are happening in London in
    the future and also any publications anyone can recommend so I can stay
    abreast of developments in African film once I have left University.
    I look forward to sharing ideas with those interested in African cinema
    throughout the world.
    Yours Sincerely
    Bridget Bakokodie

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