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    From: Lisa McNee < <>

    Dear Bridget,
    I was very pleased to "virtually" meet you, and am interested in your
    dissertation on Touki Bouki. Do you have reference numbers for those of us
    who would like to get a copy?
    Lisa McNee
    French Studies
    Queen's University
    Kingston, Ontario
    K7L 3N6 CANADA

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    <> wrote:
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    > Originally dated: Sat, 23 May 1998 16:19:06 -0700 (PDT)
    > From: Bridget Bakokodie < <
    <> > >
    > Organization: S.O.A.S.
    > Introduction
    > My name is Bridget Bakokodie and I am an Undergraduate student in
    London. I
    > am in the last stages a B.A in Anthropology and African studies at
    > School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) , University of
    > Over the last 3 years I have studied both African Cinema and
    > film as part of my degree course. It was the inclusion of African
    Cinema on
    > the degree programme that led me to the decision to study at SOAS.
    > Recently submitted my dissertation on the Image, Content and
    > style in the 1973 film by Djibril diop Mambety, Touki Bouki.
    > Due to distribution, the number of films that I have had access to
    have been
    > limited to those which have been featured on my course. Although
    the course
    > was very good, the politics of funding meant that many of the
    films were
    > extremely old and tended to be what could be seen as the clasics
    of African
    > cinema (Xala, Ceddo, Tilai, Yaaba...etc).
    > I am interested in finding out what is happening in African Cinema
    > amongst both young African filmmakers on the Conintent and in
    Diaspora. I
    > would also like to know of any screenings that are happening in
    London in
    > the future and also any publications anyone can recommend so I can
    > abreast of developments in African film once I have left
    > I look forward to sharing ideas with those interested in African
    > throughout the world.
    > Yours Sincerely
    > Bridget Bakokodie

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