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    This isn't exactly African cinema, but thought it might interest our
    Cheers, Steve Smith, moderator
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    Photographing people in southern Africa, 1860 to 1999
    In July 1999 the University of Cape Town, in association with the South
    African Museum, will host a conference that aims to encourage debate on a
    range of issues surrounding the photographic image, past and present. While
    it is anticipated that most papers will deal with material originating in
    southern Africa, papers of broader theoretical interest will be welcome.
    Participation in the conference is invited and papers are called for under
    the following themes:
    1 Colonial encounters Keynote speaker: Elizabeth Edwards For many
    years after photography was introduced to southern Africa, it was used for
    official purposes by government authorities, missionaries, ethnographers and
    explorers as a means of acquiring knowledge of indigenous people, and
    controlling them. This panel considers theoretical perspectives and
    examples of the colonial use of the camera.
    2 Aesthetic and commercial encounters Keynote speaker: Christopher
    In parallel with the official uses of the camera, it as used
    personal, aesthetic and commercial purposes. This panel examines
    photography as an art form, such as in portraiture, and its commercial use
    in advertising and public relations. It questions the underlying
    assumptions of these practices as a counterpoint to issues raised in the
    first panel.
    3 Documentary encounters Keynote speaker: Martha Rosler Documentary
    photography was used extensively in South Africa in the struggle for human
    rights and justice, and continues to be an important form of visual
    discourse. However, as a genre, documentary photography is open to
    accusations of appropriation and careerism. This panel provides a platform
    for critical engagement with documentary photography.
    4 Curatorial encounters Keynote speaker: Christraud Geary

    Abstracts of papers that do not fall within these themes may also be
    submitted for consideration. It is anticipated that a number of
    photographic exhibitions will coincide with the conference. Replies are
    requested before 30 June 1998.
    VENUE: South African Museum, 25 Queen Victoria St, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
    DATES: 15 - 17 July 1999 CONFERENCE FEES: R300.00 (including
    registration, lunch, teas and keynote papers) CONVENORS: Michael Godby, UCT
    and Patricia Davison, S A Museum, Cape Town PROPOSAL FOR PAPERS & INQUIRIES:
    Prof M Godby, History of Art Department, University of Cape Town,
    Private Bag, Rondebosch, 7700 SOUTH AFRICA Telephone: +27 21 650
    2685; Fax: +27 21 650 3726 email:
    < <> >
    Merle Lifson
    History of Art Department
    University of Cape Town

    Phone: 650 2685/6
    Email: beattie/mlifson

    Michael Godby
    Professor and Head of Department of History of Art
    University of Cape Town
    Private Bag Rondebosch 7700
    South Africa

    Tel: +27 21 650 2685
    Fax: +27 21 650 3726


    JAY RUBY - Temple University - PO Box 128, Mifflintown, PA
    fax - 717-436-9559 voice - 717-436-9502

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