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    Call for Papers
    Contours, a new, multidisciplinary journal exploring the experiences of
    people of African descent all over the world, invites submissions for its
    premier issues. Contours will publish refereed scholarly articles, fiction,
    poetry, and societal and cultural commentaries. The journal will publish
    scholarly articles from disciplines as diverse as sociology, political
    science, history, anthropology, and psychology; art, film, music, literary,
    and cultural criticism; and medicine and the health sciences. Suggested
    deadline for submissions is August 1, 1998; later submissions will be
    considered for Volume Two. Preferred language for submissions is English;
    however, we will accept manuscripts in any language. If a manuscript in a
    language other than English is accepted, a translation will be published.
    Contours will be published three times a year by Indiana University Press
    and is supported by the African and African-American Studies program and the
    history department at Duke University. To request a style sheet, inquire
    further, or to submit manuscripts (four copies), contact:
    Contours, Duke University, Box 90719, 121-L Carr Building, Durham, NC
    27708, USA; (919) 660-3197; fax: (919) 660-3198; e-mail: <> .
    Book Reviews
    If you would like your recently published or forthcoming book to be
    considered for review in Contours, please have your publisher submit a
    review copy to:
    Professor Sheila Smith McCoy
    Book Review Editor, Contours
    English Department
    Vanderbilt University
    Nashville, TN 37235 USA

    Lynda Horn, Assistant Editor, Contours <>

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