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    To Washington, D.C. area subscribers:
    Watch for REELS OF COLOUR on WHUT, the Howard University Public Television
    Channel 32 on Sundays at 3 pm.
    Tune in June 14, 1998 at 3 p.m.:
    On location in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, GASTON KABORE talks about Buud
    Yam, the film that won the Etalon de Yennenga at FESPACO '97, as well as his
    other films. He discusses his role as General Secretary of FEPACI, the
    state of African cinema and his future projects. Also included in the show
    are clips of Buud Yam, Wend Kuuni, Zan Boko, and Rabi as well as Gaston
    Kabore's reception of the Etalon de Yennenga. In French with English
    Beti Ellerson
    Host/Producer, REELS OF COLOUR
    Howard University
    Division of Fine Arts

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