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    WIll the Kabore interview be made more widely available?
    Eloise Briere
    French Studies
    SUNYA <>

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    > To Washington, D.C. area subscribers:
    > Watch for REELS OF COLOUR on WHUT, the Howard University Public
    > Channel 32 on Sundays at 3 pm.
    > Tune in June 14, 1998 at 3 p.m.:
    > On location in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, GASTON KABORE talks
    about Buud
    > Yam, the film that won the Etalon de Yennenga at FESPACO '97, as
    well as his
    > other films. He discusses his role as General Secretary of
    FEPACI, the
    > state of African cinema and his future projects. Also included in
    the show
    > are clips of Buud Yam, Wend Kuuni, Zan Boko, and Rabi as well as
    > Kabore's reception of the Etalon de Yennenga. In French with
    > subtitles.
    > Beti Ellerson
    > Host/Producer, REELS OF COLOUR
    > Howard University
    > Division of Fine Arts

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