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    To Washington D.C. subscribers:

    REELS OF COLOUR on WHUT, Sundays at 3:00 pm, channel 32 in Washington D.C,
    look for area listings for other locations in surrounding areas.

    Watch for FESPACO '97 Sunday, June 28, 1998 at 3 pm.

    The segment profiles key people in the infrastructure of FESPACO and the
    Ouagadougou cinematic structures: Baba Hama, incoming secretary general of
    FESPACO; Gaston Kabore, out-going secretary general of FEPACI; Mariam
    Kabore, General Manager of MICA; Ardiouma Soma, General manager of the
    Cinematheque Africaine; and Clement Tapsoba, Editor-in-chief of Ecrans
    d'Afrique/African Screen. We also see the opening ceremony of FESPACO '97
    as well as the Awards Ceremony at the closing of the festival, Gaston
    Kabore receives the Etalon de Yennenga for "Buud Yam". In addition we
    visit the libation ceremony at Place des Cineastes where Ousmane Sembene
    leads the ceremony.

    Beti Ellerson

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