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Mon, 20 Jul 1998 10:49:51 -0700 (PDT)

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    Development Fund has a mandate of, inter alia, training screenplay writers.
    To this end a comprehensive year-long programme consisting of three 2-week
    workshops has been devised and implemented. To complement the training in
    the feature film screenwriting workshops, ASDF wishes to conduct a workshop
    on Writing Comedy for Radio and Television.
    The workshop on writing comedy will be of value in various ways to the
    participants beacuse they
    1. will acquire the necessary writing skills
    2. will be exposed to different genres of comedy and be able to
    appreciate the similarities and differences between radio and television
    3. will develop a single idea and produce a script at the end
    4. will be able to meet radio and television producers and forge a
    strategic relationship

    Selection Criteria
    ASDF has invited applications from interested citizens of Zimbabwe for the
    Applications must be accompanied by the following:
    a) a synopsis of the comic idea and one sequence in English
    b) the medium to be used for the idea (television or radio)
    c) a current curriculum vitae (C.V.)

    Resource Person
    Ken Rock is president of the Comedy Writers Association of Great Britain.
    He has a wealth of comedy writing experience. Ken has sold material
    regularly to radio and television including News Huddlines, Dave Allen, Russ
    Abbot, Naked Video, Brian Conley, The Two Ronnies, etc, and in 1989 became
    the first westerner to sell comedy material to Czechoslovak TV. He is an
    experienced tutor who believes ":that as long as the student can write,
    classes will work no matter the age level or past writing experience."
    Venue and Dates
    The venue will be UNESCO Film and Video Project, Production Services, Mazowe
    Road, Harare. The dates are 3 - 14 August 1998 (inclusive).
    Course Content
    The course will be conducted over ten days. The course is an introduction to
    the basics of writing comedy material for television. It deals with writing
    quickies and sketches, together with detailed sessions on characterisation,
    plotting, dialogue and developing a situation comedy. How to make contacts
    and sell your work will also be covered. The course is intense with the
    opportunity to write in groups. Extensive course material is provided. All
    lectures feature video examples from distinguished or current TV programmes.
    The tutor, Ken Rock is going to select the best ten applications. The
    applicants will commit themselves to attending all lectures and to the
    producing of a script at the end of the course.
    Prior to the workshop Ken Rock is going to meet with producers,
    representatives from radio, television and film companies to discuss their
    current/future script requirements.
    The workshop will, almost, certainly be the first of its kind in Zimbabwe
    and will provide a unique training opportunity for comedy writers. It will
    enhance the capacity of ASDF to deliver on training requirements.
    African Script Development Fund (ASDF)
    36 McChlery Avenue, Eastlea, Harare
    Tel: 263-4-725580 Fax: 263-4-725571

    Dear Colleague,
    The African Script Development Fund wishes to announce the change in its
    telephone numbers. The new numbers are (263-4) 72 46 73 and 73 34 04. 73 34
    04 will be our tele-fax and you can also leave messages on the same number.
    After August 20 we will phase out our current telephone and fax numbers: 72
    55 80 and 72 55 71.
    Our e-mail address remains the same:
    We regret any inconvenience caused.
    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Chris Kabwato

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