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About: FW: query: local reactions to colonial cinema

Mon, 10 Aug 1998 13:20:59 -0700 (PDT)

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    Subject: query: local reactions to colonial cinema
    From: Liam Buckley <>

    I am at the beginning stages of a project researching the ways that
    photography and film mediated colonial relations in The Gambia. I have just
    returned from a summer-long "pre-field" season in The Gambia which mainly
    consisted of archival work in regards to the people and institutions (in
    both The Gambia and England) involved in the production, distribution and
    exhibition of these media roughly from the late 1920's to Independence in
    I hope to return next year for a longer period to collect a series of
    interviews regarding local reactions to the administrative use of film and
    In the meantime, I am beginning a literature search for already published
    material on the experiences of colonized people of going to the cinema in
    towns and cities, seeing photographic exhibits, and hosting mobile cinemas
    in their villages. I would be very happy to hear from anyone subscribing to
    this list who may have some insight into this topic or may be able to refer
    me to published sources.
    Many Thanks,
    Liam Buckley
    Liam Buckley
    Department of Anthropology
    University of Virginia

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