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    Reply to Portia Cobb;
    I would suggest the text "Cross-Cultural Filmmaking" by Ilisa Barbash and
    Lucien Taylor published by the U. of California Press. Also, DER has two
    new video/film releases which are very effective in the classroom for
    teaching Documentary film making. One is called "passing girl, riverside: An
    Essay in Camera Work" by Kwame Braun. It is the deconstruction of the act of
    filming, deals with ethics-very well done. It will be shown at the Mead
    Festival in NYC this year, it won an award at the Educational Media Awards
    in California, and it is nominated for the Basil Wright Prize at the RAI in
    London. You can rent or purchase a video from DER. The second is a 16mm
    film (available in video) called "Pepino Mango Nance". It is black and
    white, 11 minutes long and a little "gem" of a film. It was made by two
    students, Bann Roy and Gillian Goslinga at USC, for a classroom assignment.
    It demonstrates to students what can be accomplished under very restricted
    means. It won the best student film award at the SVA film festival and will
    also be screened at the Mead this year. You may get more information about
    each of these titles on the DER Web site under NEW RELEASES:
    Cynthia Close
    Executive Director
    Documentary Educational Resources
    101 Morse Street
    Watertown, MA 02472-2554
    Tel: 617-926-0491
    Fax: 617-926-9519

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