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    Subject: Web-Filmmaker's Book Store

    Filmmaker's Book Store
    At this Web site, you will find the Filmmaker's Book Store. This collection
    of books and information is tailored to producers, directors,
    cinematographers, screenwriters, actors, students, movie fans and cinema
    buffs. Find books on movie making from A to Z. Many books are reviewed,
    classified and then recommended as "best-of-breed" books in all areas of the
    film and video industry.
    SpectraLinks quick clicks include but are not limited to:
    * Acting

    * Animation

    * Art and Production Design

    * Camera Department

    * Costumes/Wardrobe
    * Directing

    * Directors (biography/interviews)

    * Editing

    * Financing and Distribution

    * Hollywood Film Industry

    * Lighting/Electric

    * Music/Scoring Producing:

    * Sound (Production and Post Sound) Special Effects
    * Full categories:

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