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    HOLLYWOOD, CA, JULY 29, 1998 - The African Film Commission(AFC) =
    announces a
    call for submissions to its annual storytelling competition.=A0 The =
    purpose of
    the competion is to awaken interest in the African continent through =
    of African and world experience combined with African settings.=20

    The works considered should be feature length screenplays of no more =
    130 pages, and should be based on African themes and characters.=A0 =
    rules specify that at least sixty percent of the story be set somewhere =
    Africa.=A0 In addition to prizes, the three finalists will receive the =
    of the AFC and its parent organization, the African Arts Foundation =
    in promoting the work to international film and television companies =
    with an
    eye towards future production.=20

    The winner of the storytelling competition will participate in the
    Pan-African Film and TV Festival in Burkina Faso, Africa, and will =
    receive a
    cash prize to be awarded at a ceremony in February, 1999.=A0 The second =
    winner will choose between a trip to the Pan-African Festival or cash =
    and the third prize winner will receive a cash prize.=A0 All scripts =
    must be
    accompanied by a $30.00 submission fee and postmarked no later than =
    31,1998.=A0 Extended deadline November 30, 1998.=20

    Established in 1995, the AFC, formerly known as the Royal African Film
    Commission, serves as an umbrella organization for the establishment of =
    network of film commissions to assist in the development of Africa's =
    industry.=A0 In its variety of activities, which includes the =
    competition, the AFC helps open the way for international involvement =
    both film and television on the African continent.=20

    The parent organization, the African Arts Foundation, was created to =
    international understanding and unity among all people through African =
    and culture by sponsoring intercultural exchanges and educational
    activities.=A0 AAF aims to become a discernible force in this endeavor,
    helping to create bridges of mutual creativity among young and old =
    for a more positive tomorrow.=20

    To receive applications, writers can download from the web at, or send a stamped, self-addressed =
    envelope to
    "AFC Storytelling" at 8306 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 330, Beverly Hills, CA
    90211, USA.=20

    If you have any questions, please contact us.=20

    African Arts Foundation=20
    Madeline Randolth, Director=20
    (323) 469-6261

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