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    As this is such a good comprehensive answer, I'll post it to the whole =
    Actually the video remember is not on this list - it was in English, =
    but I
    can't remember the title, etc.
    Cheers, Steve Smith, moderator

    From: Olivier BARLET []
    Sent: Friday, September 25, 1998 1:30 PM

    Answer to Mark Downey
    There are lots of documentary films done on or around the Fespaco, =
    nearly on
    each one.
    The most famous are :
    * Camera d'Afrique (Ferid Boughedir, Tunisie, 1983, 99 minutes).
    * Burkina Cinema (Joseph Akouissone, Centrafrique, 1985, 18 minutes) -
    the Fespaco of Sankara where the filmmakers helped the building of a =
    during a few hours..(.
    * Dix mille ans de cinema (Balufu Bakupa Kanyinda, RDCongo, 1991, 11
    * Y'a pas de probleme (Laurence Gavron, France, 1995, 64 minutes).

    and at the last Fespaco of 1997 was shot a very good film : Cinema en =
    air, paroles de cineastes (Melissa Tchackway, Xavier Tutain and Laurent =
    On Ouagadougou itself, the first film of Idrissa Ouedraogo : =
    Ouaga deux roues (1984, 16 minutes).
    All the films listed can be seen at the Audecam in Paris, except the =
    one on 1997 : for this one, you could ask Melissa Tchackway
    Olivier Barlet
    Redaction Africultures
    Les Pilles
    F - 26110 Nyons
    Tel: 33/4 75 27 74 80
    Fax: 33/4 75 27 75 75


    I got this in today. Maybe someone on the listserver can help him.
    Probably it would be best to respond directly to him.
    I know it was done at least once, but I don't remember the name of the
    people that did it. I think it was of the one in 1995 or 1993???
    Steve Smith
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    From: mann []
    Sent: Thursday, September 24, 1998 5:43 AM

    Greetings from Galway, Ireland,
    I wonder if you could help me.......I've been researching a good deal =
    the FESPACO festival and Burkinabe affairs over the last few years. =
    planning to travel this spring with a skeleton crew to Ouaga to shoot a
    documentary on the Festival. Perhaps you would know has this been done
    before, and if so, by whom, and with what results?
    Please feel free to mail me on this or related topics,
    Mark Downey,

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