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    From: "Obioma G. Nnaemeka" <>

    The Association of African Women Scholars (AAWS) is happy to announce the
    availability of the ten-volume proceedings of the first international
    conference on Women in Africa and the African Diaspora (WAAD) for individual
    and library purchase. The ten volumes of over 270 papers are grouped under
    the following titles:
    Volume I: Rethinking Feminisms and Power (505 pp.)
    Volume II: Health, Human Rights and the Environment (388 pp.)
    Volume III: Art, Literature and Film (501 pp.)
    Volume IV: Art, Literature and Film (395 pp.)
    Volume V: Agriculture and Rural Development (384 pp.)
    Volume VI: The Academy, Education and the Media (403 pp.)
    Volume VII: Labor and the Economy (323 pp.)
    Volume VIII: Culture and Society (359 pp.)
    Volume IX: Religion and Society 324 pp.)
    Volume X: Addresses, Keynote Speeches, and Reflections (173 pages)

    For details of the contents of the volumes, please visit the AAWS website
    at: (click on "WAAD Conference"). If you need
    a hard copy or have questions, please contact Obioma Nnaemeka at the address
    Obioma Nnaemeka
    Associate Professor of French & Women's Studies
    President, Association of African Women Scholars
    Cavanaugh Hall, Room 001C
    Indiana University
    425 University Boulevard
    Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA

    Phone: (317) 278-2038; (317) 274-0062 or (317) 274-7611 (messages)
    Fax: (317) 274-2347,
    Website: (Assoc. of African Women Scholars) (personal)

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