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    Though I replied directly to the Mark Downey about his FESPACO documentary
    inquiry, I would like to make a few comments, especially after such a
    favorable and encouraging review by Gloria Emeagwali of my FESPACO '97
    documentary (produced with Christophe Poulenc). The initial idea of doing a
    report on FESPACO was to present to the local television-viewing public in
    the Washington DC area, information about an important institution in
    African filmmaking. The response has been very positive. People who never
    knew that there was such a thing as "African cinema" have also been informed
    that there is a major structure dedicated to African filmmaking in Africa,
    organized by Africans.

    I also noted in my message to Mark Downey a few other films either about
    FESPACO or that use the festival as a context in which to discussion African

    "Ouaga" made in 1989 by Kwate Nee Owoo and Kwesi Owusu, presents a political
    and social critique of African cinema history with interviews of several
    African filmmakers as well as film clips.

    "Fespaco 87" by Carolyn Sides (Caribbean Media Services) covers the events
    of the festival as well as other activities that took place around
    Ouagadougou. A portion of the documentary is also devoted to African
    Diaspora participation at the festival.

    "Africa World Cinema" (produced by Harry Cahill, World of Film Foundation,
    1993), which is part of a series on world cinema, presents historical and
    social perspectives on cinema in Africa. The events of the 1993 FESPACO are
    highlighted. There are interviews with filmmakers, actors and other film
    representatives. Film clips are also included.

    Beti Ellerson
    Division of Fine Arts
    Howard University

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