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    Last minute I know - but better late than ... you know the rest.
    Friday October 2, 1998 6pm at the Museum of Modern Art 11 w.53rd st
    Exerpts from BLACK RUSSIANS by kara lynch and The Number 7 Train by JT
    Takagi and Hye Jung Park
    with introductions from the filmmakers ...
    also at 8pm Mississippi Triangle by Christine Choy, Worth Long, Allen Siegel
    with an Intro by Allen Siegel.
    there will be a reception from 8pm on if you'd like to join us call to RSVP
    to Third World Newsreel -- 212.947.9277
    all screenings are open to the public and free and this is only the
    beginning of a month long celebration and retrospective of Third World
    Newsreel at Thirty. So come and check it out ...
    for more info about panels and screenings call: 212.947.9277 also website: or call MoMA.

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    strange fruit productions
    stuyvesant station
    po box 2575
    ny,ny 10009
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