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    Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998
    From: Andrea Siemsen
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    One director who immediately comes to my mind is Jean Marie Teno who has
    been looking at his country Cameroun with a very critical eye. The films
    are called _La tete dans les nuages_ and _Africa je te plumerais_. In the
    first film he looks at, among other things, the increasing heaps of rubbish.
    The film is only 37min long so ideally suited to watch and have a long
    discussion afterwards.
    Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998
    From: Donald Larsson, Minnesota State U, Mankato
    <> >

    Some fictional narrative films that might be of interest that at least touch
    on these issues include:
    HARVEST: 3000 YEARS (Ethiopia, Haile Gerima); TA DONNA (FIRE!); ZAN BOKO
    The first is available from Mypheduh Films in Washington, DC. The second is
    from California Newsreel (and you may find other relevant films listed at
    their and the last is from New Yorker films.
    I think that Sembene's GUELWAAR (also from New Yorker) could also be of
    interest, as well as Cisse's BRIGHTNESS/YEELEN, although the latter is more

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