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    ArtMattan Productions
    535 Cathedral Parkway - #14B - New York, NY, 10025-2064
    Tel. (212) 749-6020 - Fax (212) 316-6020

    For Immediate Release: October 1, 1998 =20
    Contacts: Cristina Jackson or Carmen Cruz (212) 410-2999

    Women from the African Diaspora Featured in the 6th=20
    Annual African Diaspora Film Festival
    New York's Only Traveling Film Festival Launches with Tribute to=20
    Women of Color in Front of and Behind the Camera
    New York, NY - Showcasing and premiering films not shown in commercial
    theaters, The African Diaspora Film Festival (CADFF) celebrates its =
    year as a traveling clearinghouse for works by established and =
    filmmakers . This internationally comprehensive film festival =
    over 40 feature films, shorts, classics and documentaries from more =
    than 20
    countries representing the multi-faceted people of African =
    movies from around the world into diverse neighborhoods beginning =
    27th to December 13th. "Opening Night" will be hosted by New York
    University at its newly renovated Cantor Film Center (36 East 8 =
    off 5th Avenue). The festival will continue at downtown Manhattan's =
    York Film Academy (100 East 17th Street near Union Square), and in =
    at the Plaza Twin (314 Flatbush Avenue near Grand Army Plaza) and wrap =
    up in
    Manhattan, at Columbia University's Miller Theater (116th Street and
    Broadway). =20
    This year's Festival will feature a tribute to women of African descent =
    films, their experience and the sensibilities they bring to the art of
    filmmaking. Many "Special Nights" within the Festival will celebrate =
    contributions of Black women in front of and behind the camera. =
    Night will highlight the work of local Black women filmmakers. =
    U.S. premieres by or about Black women will be showcased including
    "Faraw! Mother of the Dunes" from Mali and winner of Best Actress =
    Award at
    the last FESPACO; "Radiance" By Rachel Perkins, a film about three =
    women who reunite for their mother's funeral after many years apart =
    "Bent Familla" by renowned Tunisian filmmaker Nouri Bouzid, a film that
    describes the challenges faced by women in modern Muslim societies. =
    panel discussion with independent women filmmakers from the US and =
    will also contribute to giving a voice to Black women in filmmaking.
    A distinct highlight around women will be the East Coast premiere of =
    controversial film, "Sister, I'm Sorry" followed by an hour long panel
    discussion of the film with invited special panel guests. Featured =
    on The Oprah Winfrey Show and BET Tonight, "Sister, I'm Sorry" depicts =
    apologizing to women for all the social, emotional, psychological and
    physical wrongs men have inflicted on women. Designed to generate an =
    dialog between men and women , the film's creator and co-producer is
    actor/producer Tommy Morgan, Jr. and is directed by Frank Underwood. =
    brother, actor Blair Underwood is co-producer and national spokesperson =
    the film. "Sister, I'm Sorry" stars Michael Beach, Tommy Ford, Clifton
    Powerll, Tico Wells and Steven Williams along with singer Howard Hewett =
    hosted by actress Margaret Avery. The film also features the teachings =
    Rev. Donald Bell. =20
    This culturally enriching film festival has premiered featured films =
    such as
    Sankofa by Haile Gerima; The Journey of the Lion by Fritz Bauman; =
    Cachao by
    Andy Garcia; The Keeper by Joe Brewster ; Bleeding Hearts by Gregory =
    and The Dinner by Bernie Casey. Other films such as Who Killed Pixote =
    Jos=E9 Joffily (Brasil); The Keeper by Joe Brewster (USA); Candombe by =
    de Eugenio (Uruguay/Sweden); Flame by Ingrid Sinclair (Zimbabwe); El =
    by Mario Handler (Venezuela) and many others have signed distribution =
    cable television deals as a result of their participation at the =
    Diaspora Film Festival. Moreover, it is the only film festival that =
    out into diverse communities for presentation of these films unlike =
    festivals that are insularly contained in the same area. It is also =
    only Festival that features a special selection of films exclusively =
    children and young adults in addition to the Special Nights Series =
    for viewing films from particular areas of the world.
    The Festival's unique Young People's Program featuring select and
    appropriate films for children and young adults will return this year =
    well as CADFF Uptown with screenings and a Closing Concert at Columbia
    University's Miller Theater and panel discussions at Teachers College. =
    part of CADFF Uptown and the Young People's Program, a special =
    development seminar addressed to teachers will be offered in =
    with Teachers' College, Columbia University. The seminar will discuss =
    how to
    use films from the African Diaspora in a classroom setting. Sealing the
    festival, the Closing Concert will feature performers from the African
    Diaspora following a fashion show by MOSHOOD, the Brooklyn based
    world-renowned fashion designer. =20
    Conceived and developed by ArtMattan Productions who created the =
    Festival in
    1993, the African Diaspora Film Festival (CADFF) has developed into the
    largest annual specialized film festival on the East Coast. Organizers
    expect this year's film festival to attract more than 8,000 movie =
    Since its inception, the Festival has secured major corporate sponsors
    including Philip Morris, Bell Atlantic Foundation, Teacher's College,
    Columbia University, French Cultural Services, Air Afrique, Island =
    the Francophonie Agency (ACCT), Village Voice, Duggal Color Projects, =
    the Senegal Tourist Bureau and BET/Movies Starz!3, among others.
    Festival Founders, Reinaldo Barroso-Spech, a professor of foreign =
    and his wife Diarah N'Daw-Spech, a financial consultant explain, "Our
    primary purpose for initiating CADFF was to unite all people of color =
    one roof and familiarize them through the art of Filmmaking with the =
    and vast cultures of people of color around the world. For some, our
    Festival has been an introduction to other black cultures they might
    otherwise have never known. Hence, this Festival captures a =
    audience and facilitates relations among attendants. We are proud to =
    that many Black films introduced to the U.S within the context of CADFF =
    'discovered' by distributors and curators and later screened in other =
    festivals nationally and all over the world."


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