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    Here is an article of interest from The Herald, Oct 3 1998

    Saff's future to be reviewed

    The 1998 Southern African Film Festival ended in Harare on Thursday with
    delegates resolving to convene a workshop in Harare before the end of this
    year to review the future of the organization as well as the festival

    Delegates said the workshop would find ways of improving the structure of
    the Saff and clarify the compostion of its board of trustees and executive.

    "We express our great disappointment with many inefficiencies that occurred
    this year in the way the festival was directed," the delegates said.

    A preparatory workshop would be held in November in South Africa during the
    Sithengi Film Market scheduled for Cape Town. They agreed that Saff should
    consider holding the festival soon after the Zimbabwe International Book
    Fair to lure more people to the event.

    The festival also recommended a revamping ofthe Unesco-funded film training
    school based in Zimbabwe. Saff, the delegates said, should appoint a
    committee to work with a consultant on the programme and seek the assistance
    of governments in the region to turn the school into a pemanent Sadc
    institution by the end of 1999.

    The school would cooperate with and complement programmes offered at other
    institutions in the region.

    On funding, the festival agreed that Saff should establish links with other
    regional bodies such as Sadc to access funds provided by such organizations.

    "Saff should then maket the information on accessing these funds available,"
    the delegates said.

    Delegates said Saff should also approach the private sector for various
    forms of support including audience building by sponsoring African films on
    television. At future festivals, the delegates said, Saff must ensure that
    film-makers taking part in the event have at least one screening of their
    films in the townships.

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