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    From The Herald, Oct 3 1998, Harare, Zimbabwe

    'Promote African films'

    A Senior Government official has implored the media in Southern Africa to
    give the film industry more coverage and inform people about African films.
    The Secretary for Education, Sport and Culture, Cde Stephen Chifunyise, said
    on Thursday the media was not giving enough coverage to the region's film
    industry, and in so doing hampering its development. "Right now we have a
    festival going on but we do not see stories on who is attending the
    festival," he told a Press conference in Harare. "We should be reading
    feature articles on the film-makers attending the festival as well as
    reviews on their films. Cde Chifunyise said more coverage would enable the
    region's film sector to build an audience for its productions. However,
    some journalists felt that the festival was discussing the same issues
    raised at the last festival held in Harare in 1996 providing nothing new to
    write about. Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Mines, Environment and
    Tourism, Cde Edward Chindori-Chininga, has urged players in the film and
    tourism sectors in Southern Africa to co-operate since the two industries
    had synergies. He was speaking at a cocktail party hosted for delegates to
    the Southern African Film Festival by the French Embassy in Harare on
    Wednesday. Cde Chindori-Chininga urged film-makers not to give up due to
    lack of funding saying other stakeholders would soon realise the potential
    of the industry. He said players in the tourism sector faced the same
    constraints but were slowly overcoming the problem due to realisation that
    the industry had potential to generate money.

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