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    It's interesting that I received the attached message today--as I sit here
    to put together a 5-week segment of a larger course on international
    cinema. I am a grad student at the very early stages of studying Black
    world cinema and yet I am the "expert" here at Temple and so I am
    coordinating the section of this course about West African cinema. I was
    planning to write the listserv to ask for suggestions myself. Because of
    my limited time and resources, I am focusing on films that reflect
    or tangle with particular political ideologies/realities, such as
    panafricanism and postcolonialism. Since this mini-course may be a test
    for getting long term support for Black film studies in my department, I
    am especially eager to make this a successful experience for the
    undergrads and grads participating. Any suggestions for titles,
    approaches, and most importantly--accessible sources for prints/videos
    would be greatly appreciated. I know about sources such as California
    Newsreel, and would appreciate hearing about others, but i would also like
    specific suggestions about particular titles/readings, since i
    have limited time and money to pre-screen.

    For those of you responding to Chris's message (below), please cc to me as

    Thank you,
    Malkia K. Lydia

    > In putting together a syllabus for an African Politics and Society class I
    > wanted to include several films from Africa that might help to underscore,
    > visually, some of the nuances of African Politics. For example Tableau
    > Feraille, from Senegal, underscores the high stakes for those who have
    > power, particularly when they go against the status quo.
    > I would be most appreciative if folks could me send their suggestions (send
    > them to me personally at
    > <> ) on good films that portray an important
    > political question in Africa. Films can be either documentary or fictional.
    > If there is interest I would be happy to compile the responses I get and
    > post them to the list for everyone's benefit.
    > Thanks,
    > Chris Johnson

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