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    From: John Badenhorst []

    For CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY you could contact ANANT or NILESH SINGH in
    Durban on tel. 27 (0)31 204 6000, fax 202 5000; e-mail <>

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    > Are you aware that there is a recently made South African film
    based on
    > the Beloved Country, but set against the background of today's
    > Africa's policy of truth and reconciliation?
    > The director is Darrel James Roodt, the first South African
    film-maker to
    > make a film inside South Africa with a clear anti-apartheid
    message ("A
    > Place of Weeping"), way back inte 1980s. He has also made
    > screened at the Cannes film festival in 1992.
    > It might be worthwhile to supplement the teaching on Paton's book
    > link to today. I am not sure of the distributor, but New Line
    Cinema in
    > Angeles should perhaps know. They are the producers of his latest
    > "Dangerous Ground", a kind of dope action movie set in
    > From: John Metzler <
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