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1. Ball, Larry F. The Domus Aurea and the Roman Architectural Revolution. Cambridge, UK: University Press, 2003.

Ball presents an in depth discussion of the construction and architectural detail of the Esquiline Wing. He presents a room by room analysis of the building techniques and styles, and provides probably the most accurate timeline of the phases of construction.

2. Hemsoll, David.
"Reconstructing the octagonal dining room of Nero's Golden House." Architectural History Vol. 32 (1989) pp. 1-17. JSTOR

This article presents the form and function of the Octagon Suite in the time of Nero. Hemsoll disects the aesthetic elements of the room, and speculates how the most famous space in the Domus Aurea would have looked during Nero's reign.

3. Jacobs, R. L. Nelson. "One House Took Up the Whole City of Rome: Nero's Domus Aurea."

Nelson introduces the history of the Domus Aurea as well as how it affected Roman architecture, from views of ancient Roman historians Seutonius and Tacitus, and other Roman sources. Nelson also provides many details of the art in the palace and public opinions of Nero and the Golden House.

4. Warden, P. Gregory. "The Domus Aurea Reconsidered." The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians Vol. 40, No. 4 (Dec., 1981) pp. 271-278. JSTOR

In his article, Warden challenges the accepted chronology and topography of the Domus Aurea. He argues that many dates associated with the project, especially those falling after Nero's death, are not in fact correct. Warden further argues that the importance placed on Neronian architectural innovations may be undue.
















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