Ceramics Processing Research Laboratory


Analytical Equipment @ CPRL

Beckman 640 UV-VIS

UV-Vis spectrometer with autosampler.

Brookhaven ZetaPlus Particle Size Analyzer

Particle size analyzer with nanometer scale resolution.

Horiba CAPA 700 Particle Size Analyzer

Particle size analyzer with 50nm classification resolution.

Kaiser Raman Microprobe

Raman microscope. 785nm solid-state laser excitation. 500x pseudo-confocal objective.

Optical Microscope

Olympus optical microscope. 50x to 1000x objectives. Pixera digital image acquisition. Transmission and reflection mode lighting. Color filters and polarizers available.

Perkin Elmer TGA (Thermogravimetric analysis)

Perkin Elmer TGA. Microgram resolution, RT to 1200C heat profile. Oxidizing or inert gas flow. Platinum pans.

Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope. Oxford digital image acquisition. Autosampling EDS (energy dispersive spectroscopy. Backscatter mode available. 100,000x magnification limit. Gold and carbon coating equipment available on site. Microscopy preparation equipment also available (epoxy mount, sectioning, grinding, polishing).
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