Ceramics Processing Research Laboratory


Facilities @ CPRL

The CPRL features a wide array of processing and analytical equipment. We offer a number of pieces unavailable outside of cleanrooms on campus. We are happy to provide training and services for users on and off campus. Select equipment from the categories above to learn more.

Please contact Lenny Rigione (e-mail:rigione) for training or equipment information.

Most popular pieces

Analytical Equipment/Prep

Beckman 640 UV-VIS, Brookhaven ZetaPlus, Horiba CAPA 700, Kaiser Raman Microprobe, Optical Microscope, Perkin Elmer TGA, Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope

Film Processing

Denton Evaporator, Gold Coater, Mech-EL Wire Bonder

Bulk Ceramics Processing

Centrifuge DPR 6000, Pressing Die, Ultrasonic Probe (Heat System)


Centrifuge DPR 6000, Dymax Cure Spot 50, Gold Coater, Diamond Saw, Mech-EL Wire Bonder, Pressing Die, South Bay Wire Saw, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Vacuum-Drying Oven
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