Engineering Projects

The following projects are highlights from my work in classes, and research. When available, links are included to provide more technical information about the project, such as in reports and presentations. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss my work in more detail.

Developing an aquatic surveyor vehicle
Motorized Robotic Camera

[Engineering Design Course Project at Duke University]

Current Task:

 Develop a robotic vehicle to remotely survey fish populations at the Duke Marine Lab.


 Assist in research of marine populations and by automating processes and data collection.

Skills Obtained:

 Machine design with customer interaction, manufacturing, watertight construction, testing buoyancy and stability, modeling (SolidWorks), collaboration on a team for a large project.

More Information:

 Poster with description of mechanical components.

Fully assembled desktop lathePrecision Desktop Lathe

[2.72 Design of Machine Elements Project at MIT]

Task Completed:

 Designed and manufactured a precision desktop lathe able to cut with a <50-micron repeatability after surviving three "death tests": dropping the machine from waist height, hitting the spindle with a sledgehammer (where the workpiece is held), and standing on the cross-slide of the lathe while actuating its motion in both horizontal directions.


 Advances in industries such as medicine and electronics often require precise components with low tolerances.

Skills Obtained:

 Design of machine elements, considering stiffness, flexure design for precision movement (using Jon Hopkins's FACT method), experiment and modeling, functional requirements.