Author: Dmytro Taranovsky
August 12, 2011 (additional stories July 20, 2013 - May 7, 2017)
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Please note that the story contains sexual and other themes that the reader may find uncomfortable. Scroll down for many additional stories.

Two Men and a Demon Boy

On a warm night, two young men were together on a dark empty city alley. A beautiful feminine-looking boy, about 15, was passing by. The boy was wearing just very short shorts and sandals. At the time, the two men were both sexually excited. They were of violent disposition, and they had a hatred and disdain toward men who are feminine or gay. The two men seized the boy, and one of them brandished a large sharp knife. The boy put up some resistance and made some pleas, but not much. At one moment the boy showed a slight smile with a strange color in his eyes, but then it was gone. One man forced the boy to open his mouth and take the man's penis into the mouth. The other pulled down the boy's shorts, put on a condom, and with force, penetrated the boy's anus.

The boy was good with his mouth and had a nice tightness in his rectum. A refreshing coolness appeared in the air, but somehow the coolness was stemming from the boy. The man having anal sex noticed that he did not have a condom on. He was quite sure that he put it on and that it could not have slipped, but no matter, bareback sex with the boy felt good.

The men were keeping their clothes on in case they needed to make a quick escape, but they would have enjoyed being naked. Correspondingly, one man's T-shirt moved upward and then removed itself from the body entirely, as if possessed by an invisible force. Pants and underwear moved downward, and then somehow, along with the shoes, were freed from the feet. The other man was similarly affected. Both men ended up naked, exhilarated, yet confused and afraid. Naked, they were more exposed to police, but the way things were going, a police appearance would have been comforting. The man who was served by the boy's mouth tried to move away, but somehow he could not. The man penetrating the boy's rectum tried to stop moving, but his muscles would not listen and instead intensified the pelvic thrusting. He tried to scream, but could not. On both men, the faces assumed an expression of silent terror, and they stared at the boy. The boy momentarily stopped, and said in a happy voice, "Don't worry. I won't hurt you, but we are going to have fun all the way," and then the action continued. The boy was in control of both men's bodies, but he allowed the men to move as long as they did not interfere with the sex, and even allowed the two men to switch positions with each other if they wanted it.

Suddenly, the boy's skin and the space around it assumed a beautiful luminescent glow. Clearly, the men were dealing with something inhuman. As if to confirm that thought, the boy's body suddenly became hazy and translucent, like a fog, and then became opaque again, but still glowing. Projections appeared from the boy's body, and like a net, enveloped both men's bodies. Both men cried "No!", but the boy just smiled. The projections were precisely and delicately controlled by the boy — a bit like fingers, but much more fluid. For the men, the projections felt inhuman, but physically, the stimulation from the projections was thoroughly enjoyable. The men's genitals remained with boy's mouth and anus, but the sex became a full body experience, something that the men did not have before.

Like a snake, a projection crept to one man's anus. It was too thick to easily fit, but it could change form, so instead, like a worm, a subprojection appeared and smoothly went in quite deep. Then the worm (or whatever it was) started to swell, and after becoming thick, started to move rhythmically, or at least shift its mass and pressure. And the same thing happened to the other man. The experience was weird and intense, but true to the boy's word, they did not feel pain, and the boy seemed to be hitting all the right pleasure spots. The men felt violated, but it would be no use to complain. In their worldview, there are two types of humans: Men and women; men do the penetrating, and women are penetrated. By being penetrated, one becomes less than a man, and (not being a woman) perhaps less than human.

But their terror was overcome by pleasure, and both men resigned themselves to the boy. Ordinary physical reality felt unreal, like a dream, and the interaction with boy felt like the world. Soon, orgasm came, and it was long and powerful, but most remarkably, it was synchronous among all three. The whole body, and especially the projections, of the boy was having contractions, and each contraction came simultaneously with a contraction in the bodies of both men. There was no fear or anger, but joy, and both men felt oneness with the boy. The men were not in control, but they did not fall because they were held firmly by the boy.

After the orgasm, the two men were released, and both landed softly on the ground. The boy, standing naked and in a fully human form, smiled and said "Thanks for the sex," and went away. A heavy sleepiness fell over both men, and they both fell asleep. About half an hour later, naked but physically comfortable, they woke up. Their clothing and things were all there, but in addition, each had two twenty-dollar bills on his clothing, evidently from the boy. They were not sure whether they are ever going to spend this money, but its presence confirmed that the experience was not a dream; the boy was real. The experience left both men exhilarated, but also shocked, ashamed, and confused. They felt different from how they felt before, and whatever else may be said, both made a firm resolution not to rape any more boys.


Author's Commentary and Analysis: * The story is deliberately short, saying what it needs to say and not much more. Certain details, such as the physical appearance of the two men, are omitted since the right answer is unclear, and is not important, and may depend on the reader. * In homophobic violent cultures, it is often "normal" for men who identify themselves as heterosexual to forcibly have sex with gay or feminine men. The rapist does not see any inconsistency with his heterosexuality as long he is the one using his penis to penetrate mouth or anus, and not the victim. Sexual orientation of the two men is left unstated. On one hand, before the incident, they were homophobic and (at least publicly) would identify themselves as heterosexual, but on the other hand, they certainly found something sexual about the boy, and their sexual attack on the boy was neither out of character for them nor motivated by pure hatred. * The story has a progressive build up towards clearly supernatural, which the men do not easily notice because of their focus on sex. * The change of attitude toward the condom (the man puts it on, but later enjoys its disappearance) reflects how sexual feelings can affect the judgment. Note that because of the nature of the boy, there is no actual risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. * The boy can control the men's muscles but leaves the men's thinking abilities intact. * Note that the boy avoids causing any physical pain or gratuitous terror: There is a careful line between what the boy will and will not do. The psychological terror is inflicted, in large part, through physical pleasure. * As the moment of translucency suggests, the boy's body is changeable and is controlled by the boy. The projections can appear and disappear (truly disappear and not just become hidden) at the boy's will. * "full body experience" — for both men, in previous sexual encounters, the stimulation was primarily through the penis. * "men and women" — the sentence both explains and parodies commonly held beliefs about gender. * Anal penetration can easily be painful, but the boy did not cause pain because of the nature of the projections and because of a special power of sensing what the other person(s) may or will feel. * Orgasms are not ordinarily synchronized. Their synchronization here (caused by the boy) helped to create the feeling of oneness with the boy. * The short sleep that occurs as the boy leaves is caused both by natural post-orgasmic tiredness and the boy's influence, and is intended to complete the experience. Presumably, the boy, although absent, ensures that the two men are not caught by the police while sleeping. No blackouts occur during the sex itself because their consciousness is important to the boy's experience. * The money is just a gift, but still causes psychological tension. The men do not view themselves as a type of persons who get paid for sex, and in addition, acceptance of the money would psychologically suggest acceptance of the sex. * Both men had two related types of internal conflict during the experience: One immediate and personal, that is whether to accept or resist the boy, and the other was about the worldview, including self-identity. The internal conflict resumed after the men woke up, and as the ending hints, it (or its resolution) may have a strong long-lasting impact on the men. * The presence of two men (rather than just one) serves multiple purposes, including creation of the initial appearance of domination over the boy, but the key purpose is to make the experience shared, and thus more real and complete. The sameness of the men's reactions underscores the control of the boy. * The reader is free to imagine a similar situation with a demon girl. While most details would intertranslate, key to the story is the conflict both men feel about the sex with the boy, conflict that depends on him being (or appearing as) a boy. Also, the boy is a more natural fit to a male archetype, but whether that is a good reason for gender selection is another matter. * Here is an alternative version of the next-to-last paragraph: "The combination of the terror and pleasure was unbearable, and each man felt his penis and the body explode into convulsions. The boy, apparently ecstatic, was firmly in control. He was convulsing in perfect synchronization with the men (who themselves were synchronized), and with his firm convulsing holds, prevented both men from falling. Physically, the experience was the best the men ever had. And mentally? Initially, they were terrified to an extreme, but fear turned into exhilaration, and the experience became that of intense as-if-mindless joy." However, I did not use it because I decided that the emphasis (and the boy's motivations) should be on breaking boundaries and not on horror. * The motivation of the boy is not stated in the story (the story does not include details that are inaccessible to the two men), but given the power of the boy, the motivation has to be coherent to avoid the story feeling contrived. Perhaps, the boy deliberately chose the two men because he knew and desired what would happen. In any case, the men wanted for the encounter to be forced on the boy and not consensual sex, and the initial rape would lead to a richer experience for the men, and the boy obliged. The boy delights in causing the pleasure to the two men and in breaking their sexual and other constraints that limit the pleasure. The boy does not mind that the men react to the violations with horror — in a sense, the horror is inseparable from violation of the constraints, and it actually enriches the men's experience, but the boy would not want for the horror to dominate the experience to the point of suppressing the men's pleasure; he avoids causing gratuitous horror. The boy does not feel guilty about what he is doing. However, I want to be clear that I do not endorse the boy's conduct: Even if the men and others benefited from it, it is a human rights violation.

Additional Stories

* These stories contain sexual themes, which some readers may find objectionable. In these stories, a gay male encounters another, often supernatural, force.
* Best appreciation of these stories depends on an appropriate state of mind; it is probably too much to read them all at once, and some of the themes are repetitive.
* These stories are posted because of their artistic value and do not necessarily reflect the views and preferences of the author. A detailed personal note is hidden in the HTML source. Until August 18, 2015, the stories themselves were kept hidden, and many of them (stories 1-7 and 9) were untitled.

Story 1: Demon Boy
Story 2: Demon Boy 2
Story 3: Demon Boy 3
Story 4: The Mysterious Place
Story 5: Triple Boy
Story 6: A Wild Male
Story 7: Nightclub
Story 8: Paradise Island
Story 9: Caught Masturbating
Story 10: Transcendence
Story 11: A Special Punishment
Story 12: A Demon Boy and his Food
Story 13: Fighting Tournament
Story 14: A Dark Place
Story 15: Demon Boy 4
Story 16: Angry Boy
Story 17: Demon Boy 5
Story 18: Cursed Elixir of Youth
Story 19: A Redeeming Act
Story 20: Passionate Boy
Story 21: A Dark Blob
Story 22: Sexual Slave
Story 23: Demon Boy 6
Story 24: Demonic Punishment
Story 25: Demonic Punishment 2
Story 26: Sex and the Law
Story 27: Magic Pants
Story 28: Sexual Restraint
Story 29: Sexual Restraint 2
Story 30: Demon Boy 7
Story 31: Sexual Restraint 3
Story 32: Demon Boy 8

Story 1: Demon Boy (July 20, 2013; chosen additional story; stories 1,2,3 were numbered 3,1,2 until August 2015)
     As I was walking in a remote area, a black cloud, several meters in size appeared in front of me. The fog materialized into a human body, a beautiful white male youth, with black hair and shining black eyes, and general darkness around him. The materialization was gradual but quick. The youth was standing, naked with an erection, facing me. At the youth's silent command, most of the remaining fog swirled toward me. My clothes were gone instantaneously, teleported, and appeared neatly in a pile. A network of black tentacles wrapped around me, holding my body, including my arms and legs, firmly in place. One tentacle gently wrapped around my neck. The tentacles were slimy but could also hold my skin firmly. I was in fear, but the sensations from the tentacles were pleasant. Some of the tentacles were caressing my buttocks, and then one tentacle smoothly penetrated my anus; it thickened and started stimulating my rectum. A strong urge appeared in my penis. The youth touched me in my upper chest with his cool black tongue, and moved the tongue along my midline down to my erect penis. He eagerly took my penis in his mouth, as if devouring it, but his teeth gave just a lightest touch. I was helpless, but the experience was so intensely pleasant, that I just experienced it without intruding thoughts and with a strong feeling of love towards the youth. A strong orgasm came, and the boy swallowed my ejaculate and released me. He gave me a small but useful gift, and then vanished, telling me that he will be back again. That was the start of my relationship with him.
[Clarification (August 20, 2013): The tentacles are controlled by the boy analogously to how one feels and controls and one's body. Also, while the extent of the boy's power is not stated, he can heal/transform humans and does not need to fear modern technology.]

Story 2: Demon Boy 2 (July 20, 2013; stories 2-6 were added on April 6, 2014)
     Suddenly, a bit of fog — about two meters in size — appeared in front of me. The fog materialized into a human body, a handsome muscular teenage boy. The boy was naked, and he was stroking his erect penis. Shocked, I felt a strong sensation in my penis, and my clothes were teleported away to a nearby place, so naked with an erection I stood in front of him. He bent down and took my exposed penis head into his mouth. A very strong sensation came, and I became bedazzled and confused. Soon after, I had a strong ejaculation in his mouth.
     After that, I fell down on my back, but I did not reach the ground, for out of the boy's back, a multitude of extensions, like tentacles, came and wrapped around me, and we were both lifted into the air. My penis was still erect and strongly longing for action, and the boy sat on me and drove my penis bareback into his buttocks. He started moving rhythmically. One extension entered my mouth, like a deep-mouth kiss, but with my vision unobstructed. Another caressed my buttocks. The boy's genitals enlarged, and he was stroking his huge penis. The tentacle around my buttocks smoothly went through my anus and became moving rhythmically. Or actually, everything moved, for it was a full-body experience. The feelings were intense, and intensely pleasant. Eventually orgasm came, and the boy released me.

Story 3: Demon Boy 3 (July 20, 2013)
     I woke up in an unfamiliar but comfortable place. I was naked lying on my back. A beautiful muscular boy, perhaps 18, was naked, facing me and riding bareback on my penis. His big erect penis was swinging in front of me. Synchronously with the boy, a sex toy, controlled telepathically by the boy, was moving rhythmically through my anus. For the boy was not a mere biological human, but a much more powerful entity. It was all intense and intensely pleasant; the boy could feel my feelings, and he had exquisite control. The boy bent down and kissed me deeply in my mouth (without stopping sex) and then bent back up. After some time, the boy kissed me again, and as he was kissing me, I ejaculated in his anus. Simultaneously, both the boy and the sex toy had an orgasm. After that, the boy told me that I am his boyfriend now.

Story 4: The Mysterious Place (December 7, 2013; typing fixes April 6, 2014; slight changes on August 10, 2015)
     As I entered the mysterious place, my body changed. I appeared younger, I no longer needed glasses to see things, my body became muscular, and my genitals enlarged. A tingling feeling appeared in my penis, and as I contemplated my feelings, my clothes disappeared, so I became naked with an erection. I continued walking, with every step exciting because of the mystery of the place and the swinging of my huge erect penis. Suddenly, I saw three masculine and beautiful muscular young men. They were standing, in a chain perpendicular to me, naked with an erection, and having vigorous anal sex. Their appearance was breathtaking. Their faces were masculine, but also young, like that of a teenager, and their skin was young as well. Their builds were broad, with big buttocks, and huge penises. They stopped and separated. One of them kissed me deeply in the mouth, another put my penis in his mouth and a third one rimmed my anus with his tongue. What happened next is too complicated to describe exactly, but I remember that I kissed all 3 of them, sucked all 3, been sucked by all 3, fucked all 3 and been fucked by all 3, and in a variety of positions. The sex was bareback (the power of that place made it safe), and it was lubricated by itself. At most times, both my penis and my anus were engaged. I felt wild and animalistic as I thrust my penis in one's man anus, while another man thrust his penis in my anus. Being anally penetrated was intense, but there was no damage, and there was no more pain than what served to accentuate and improve the experience. Our ejaculations were strong, prolonged, and synchronous. I was lying on my back with my legs held elevated; one man, who was standing, ejaculated into my anus. The second man, facing me, was riding my penis. I ejaculated into his anus, and he ejaculated from me stroking his penis. The third man ejaculated into my mouth — at the same time as the others.

Story 5: Triple Boy (December 7, 2013)
     A beautiful teenage boy appeared in front of me, and started to play with me. It was innocent play at first, but then the boy kissed me, and everything changed. We were teleported to a different place — outdoors, remote and beautiful, warm and sunny but not too bright, and near a small lake. Then, my body was changed to be young and beautiful, and our clothes were gone. Then, the boy split into three boys — a single person but in 3 bodies. One boy was kissing me in the mouth, another in the buttocks, and the third in the penis. The boys were smiling and happy. The tongue of the second boy expanded and began stimulating by rectum, like with a penis, but with more precision and without the pain. I basked in the experience with the 3 boys, and then ejaculated in the mouth of the third boy. Then the boy became one again, and was happy to have me as his toy and his boyfriend. Then my location and body became as before but with a few issues fixed, and then the boy told me that he will back with me the next day.

Story 6: A Wild Male (April 6, 2014)
     As I was walking alone, away from people, on a nice warm day, suddenly a supernatural being appeared. He was young, with a cute boyish face, and a strong muscular body. He was naked with an erection, staring at me. His balls were big and his erect penis huge, and on his backside, he had a big tail. Without waiting, he leapt on me. My clothes were gone, teleported to a nearby place, and I became lying on my back with him on top of me. His face was wild and happy, and I was too overwhelmed to be afraid. Then three things happened simultaneously: He sat on me, and my erect penis, bareback, penetrated his anus; the end of his tail, which was big but also soft and lubricated, penetrated my rectum; and his penis extended even further and reached my mouth. The intensity of that moment was extraordinary. Without waiting, his buttocks started moving energetically, and so did his tail, and the end of his penis alternated between being in my mouth and outside it. The experience was wild, intense, and intensely pleasant, and I concentrated on my feelings and not much else. At one point, he gave me a passionate deep-mouth kiss. After a time, a strong synchronous orgasm came. His penis pulsated, and produced copious delicious semen in my mouth, and so did his tail in my anus, and my penis had a strong ejaculation with contractions synchronous to both his penis and his tail. Then he was gone, but not for long.

Story 7: Nightclub (July 16, 2014)
     I arrived at an exclusive nightclub. I was not a member, but allowed to enter if I took off my clothing, which I did. The interior, the ambiance, and the food were great. At the dance floor, various people of both genders were dancing. At the center, a group of eight muscular attractive teenage-looking men were dancing, moving wildly, naked with an erection. I was told that I can pick any one of them for sex and that I do not need to ask. I went there, took hold of one of the men, and just thrust my erect penis into his buttocks, and continued thrusting. At that time, technology ensured that it is safe, clean, pre-lubricated, and not painful. Another man approached me and thrust his penis into my buttocks (after confirming that I wanted it). The other men started masturbating, but also continued dancing. Sex felt as a very intense form of dancing, and both of the men moved rhythmically to the music while having sex with me. Then the eight men effortlessly coordinated so that I kissed, sucked, been sucked, rimmed, been rimmed, fucked, and been fucked by all of them. It was a lot, but I loved it. Some of the acts were brief and in rapid succession — in scarcely more than a minute, I could do an act with all eight — but there were slower moments as well. I had sex in a variety of poses, including standing, lying, and even being held up. I did not count the acts; I just concentrated on each moment. Finally, while standing, I ejaculated with three men caressing my penis with their mouths, two standing beside me and holding me, one man rimming me, and the other two watching. After that, several of the men carried me off to a nice small room to relax and sleep, and since then I was always welcome at that nightclub.

Story 8: Paradise Island (February 16, 2015)
     I arrived at a beautiful tropical island with lush vegetation and good food. It was sunny, but not too bright, and with temperature just right. I was greeted by young males, with beautiful youthful faces and well-toned bodies. They wore little clothing, mainly fresh flowers, leaves, and garlands. All were friendly, playful and smiling, and excited to see me. They started dancing around me. They soon took off their clothing, and I was excited seeing their round buttocks and then huge erect genitals swinging. One of them pulled down my shorts, and did a lap dance, rubbing his buttocks against my penis. Soon they removed all of my clothing, and taking turns, with others dancing, eagerly started sucking my penis and rimming my anus, always with at least one of them sucking and one rimming. With magic, the rimming felt intense and changed my anus and rectum to make what followed safe and enjoyable, but intense. Then, gradually but simultaneously, one thrust his buttocks into my penis and another his penis into my buttocks, and both started moving. It felt awesome, like in a trance, and without end. Often, one of the other males would brush his penis against my face, and I could suck it if I liked, which I did. The orgasm was an orgy. It was wild, long, intensely pleasant, and amazingly, synchronous. Three males were orally stimulating my penis as it came. At the same time, one male ejaculated into my rectum, another into my mouth, a third on my face, and others on my body. Their semen was copious, and both sweet and delicious. Then they gently fondled me, and let me relax. I could stay as long as I liked as long as I let them have sex with me every day, each day doing something new.

Story 9: Caught Masturbating (March 1, 2015)
     On a nice warm day, outdoors in a wooded area, I started masturbating. A group of attractive young males was passing by. I stopped masturbating, but not before they saw me. They were amazed, and one of them said, "let's have some fun with him." Then they approached and seized me. They were muscular and energetic, but also careful, for it was required for their fun that they do not cause physical harm or pain or disgust, or fear thereof. I put up some resistance, but enough of them held me that there was no need to tie me up. For fun, they took off some of my clothing. But seeing me in just underwear only excited them further, and after rubbing my penis through underwear, they took my underwear off, and one of them started sucking me. They were excited and laughing at seeing me, helpless, naked, and with my most 'shameful' part not only exposed, but engorged and constantly stimulated, and at the center of everyone's attention, and with me being unable stop the overwhelming feelings in my penis. The male sucking me said, while still fondling my penis, "that's what you get for masturbating in a public area," and resumed sucking. At least one of them took pictures of seemingly everything, and with others posing and eagerly taking turns sucking me. They themselves, forgetting convention and decorum, took off their clothing and became naked and masturbating.
     And they wanted more. One of them had a specially designed anal vibrator. While I was being held with my legs spread and elevated, he carefully inserted it into my anus and turned it on. It felt great and intense, and they stared and laughed at my anus being held open, penetrated, and stimulated. The feeling in my penis intensified, and I tried to move, but I was being held firmly and was told by the male now sucking me, "Hey, there is no stopping, and if you come, we are going to suck you off almost every day." The orgasm felt awesome, and it was long and intense. I ejaculated while being held up in the air (and with my anus, rectum, and prostate stimulated by the vibrator) and my penis stimulated orally. Afterwards, as I was lying naked and exhausted but content, they praised me, put some money on me, and then, feeling great, they left, until the next day.

Story 10: Transcendence (June 22, 2015; modified September 24, 2015)
     Since that fateful day when I first met him, my demon boyfriend appeared every day, always for sex. He could transform his body at will, and even fluently appear in several bodies at once. He could also transform my body, which enabled some fun public sex without being recognized. He could savor my feelings, and even take control of my body to make me do something fun and enjoyable.
     Often, we would have an orgy. Once, a large group of attractive young males was assembled by my boyfriend. They were naked with an erection (with big penises), staring at me, laughing and masturbating. For two males were simultaneously anally penetrating me, bareback. (My anus was modified to make it safe.) I was sucking a third one, and a fourth one sucked me. I loved it, and one male said to me, "That's what it means to be gay." It lasted a very long time, and all of them eagerly took turns having sex with me. Sometimes my penis was sucked, and other times it penetrated an anus, so that I would have anal sex with three males simultaneously. Eventually, they ejaculated in my mouth and anus, and I ejaculated in my boyfriend's mouth.
     One day the boy (my boyfriend) told me that he wanted me to experience sex more fully, but there is a limit to how much a biological human can experience — too much and one's emotions will grow dull — but that the limit can be broken by transcending. (Actually, having insight into human nature, I already knew that.) He told me what would happen, but as usual did not give me a choice.
     With a stroke of his magic, I was standing naked with an erection. My face became young, like that of an adolescent, and my body became young as well. I became lean but muscular, and with pure skin. Magical black ropes, bearing a tiny fraction of his power, tied me up, with my arms and legs spread. A special sexual stimulus, unfelt at first, was given. Also, a smooth snakelike rope penetrated my anus and began stimulating me. The boy took my penis in his mouth and started sucking. It was great sex and I soon reached an orgasm. The orgasm felt great, but because of the special stimulus, it did not end, and instead intensified. I was crying loudly and my entire body was convulsing, while the boy continued sucking. It was extremely pleasant, but the intensity was beyond human endurance. There was a flash of light, and I became free from the ropes. My orgasm became even better, and with a special strong ejaculation reached an end. My body became nonbiological, my mind much greater than it was, and I became closer with the boy. I have transcended.

Story 11: A Special Punishment (August 10, 2015; posted August 12, 2015)
     After the trial, I was sentenced to be severely punished for violating sexual mores in a conservative society. I was first sent to a sexual prison where I was given effective aphrodisiacs and forced to have gay sex three times a day. Per regulations, it was safe and nondisgusting and nonpainful; actually, the males were really hot, and they always required anal and oral sex in both ways, and it felt great.
     Then, on the appointed day, I was led to a special place where the excited public had already assembled. I was stripped naked and tied up with my arms and legs spread. For a brief period, a male wearing a beautiful mask and wielding magic (or advanced technology) sucked and rimmed me, and in doing this prepared the organs for the ordeal to come.
     A big muscular young male appeared naked with an erection. His penis was huge, with its exposed head almost as big as a fist. He approached me, and, bareback, thrust his penis into my anus, driving deep, and continued thrusting. I felt what would ordinarily be intense pain, but the anal pleasure was much greater, and the pain, if it could be called that, served only to accentuate the experience. I was screaming, grimacing, and moaning, all to the audience's content, who were laughing and loudly cheering me. Large TV screens showed close-ups to those too far away to see. Everyone had to know, as a warning, what happens to those who break sexual mores.
     At the same time, another attractive naked young male appeared and began sucking me. The sensation in my penis was intense and intensely pleasant. I felt close to coming, but I could not ejaculate, for whenever I reached my limit, my penis became a bit longer and the stimulation continued, and the longer my penis was, the more intense it felt. Many attractive males (and some attractive females) sucked my penis. The public, including children, were allowed to approach and fondle and suck me, which they frequently did.
     When the first muscular male ejaculated in my anus, another male appeared. I was anally penetrated by many males — all muscular and young and attractive — each one with a bigger penis and bigger ejaculate than the last one, until the final male had penis the size of an infant, with the penis head the size of an infant head. While thrusting, each male would often remove his penis entirely, thus exposing my beautiful open pink rectum, and its extreme stretching was mesmerizing to watch.
     The sex lasted a very long time, seemingly endless. My penis became long enough to reach my face without me bending, and the intensity of the pleasure was beyond endurance. Finally, my experience was filled with a transcendent light, which dominated everything, and I had a strong ejaculation in the form of a beautiful fountain; my delicious semen was collected and became a special treat.
     My body then returned to normal, and even improved; I became very sexual, but unharmed. I was sent to a beautiful gay reservation where I made good friends and had great casual public sex with many attractive males several times a day (it was safe). The transcendent light first seemed just a powerful memory, but with time, I found that the light is real and present in me, changing and growing, and eventually allowing me to change the world. I found that the leader of the society (who was still constrained by custom), an attractive young male, was the masked male who prepared my penis and anus; we became boyfriends, and he told me that the appearance of the light was the key secret purpose of the act.

Story 12: A Demon Boy and his Food (October 5, 2015)
     As I walked through an unfamiliar beautiful place, a demon boy appeared. He was beautiful, friendly, and playful. I was hungry, and he offered me delicious food. I hesitated, but he said, "Just relax and enjoy it," and I started eating. Suddenly, my penis became much bigger. He said, "It's from the food; eat some more so we can play." I hesitated, but he gently took control of my body, and made me eat, saying "Don't worry, it will feel good." A strong urge appeared in my penis. He pulled down my shorts and started sucking my penis, and it felt great and intense. With the interior of his mouth, he performed a symphony of movements, and even used a shape-shifting ability to penetrate my urethra (and he could also alter his appearance at will). After a while, he said about my penis, "I want it inside me, but it's too small, so eat some more." I hesitated, as a 25 cm penis did not seem small, but with magic, he opened my mouth and fed me until I was full. My penis became huge, and so did my balls; my body became young and muscular; we were both naked outdoors. I felt a very strong urge, and I instinctively rammed my penis into his anus and kept thrusting. The boy was delighted, and so was I. It lasted a very long time and in a variety of positions. And the boy used his power to enrich the experience. A thick lubricated tail appeared from above his buttocks and penetrated my anus, acting rhythmically with my penis, and giving intense pleasant feelings. Finally, I had a huge ejaculation in the boy's anus, and simultaneously the boy ejaculated his delicious semen into my open mouth. Afterwards, we became boyfriends. He protected me and took care of my needs, while I loved him and we had sex every day, and I remained free to interact with the outside world.

Story 13: Fighting Tournament (December 9, 2015)
     After being teleported, I was facing a beautiful boy in an elaborate stadium, with a large young audience eager for entertainment. The boy waved his hand, and a large group of attractive muscular young males, naked with an erection, appeared out of thin air. Smiling, the boy said, "Don't worry; these men are just projections of my body. But you will have to fight and fuck all of them, and all of them will fuck you; I will feel everything you do with them. Just go with the flow and enjoy it." Then he touched my penis, and I also became young and muscular, and naked with an erection. My penis became huge, and every part of it felt very good and intense. Instinctively, I ran to the nearest male. The male resisted me, so I fought him, in my new body intuitively making all the right moves, and often grabbing each other's penises. After I won, I thrust my penis into his anus (bareback of course, since with magic it is safe), and he gave a moan and stopped resisting. At the same time, I felt a strong urge in my anus, and another male approached and started anally penetrating me, which in my new body felt really good. Other males were watching, masturbating, and allowing me to suck them. Soon, however, I got a sudden urge to fight and fuck another male. I then ran to a different male, fought him, and started fucking him, and so the process repeated with every male, seemingly endless. Normally reserved, on that day I loved fighting — the movement, the physical freedom, the use of muscles and power, the enjoyable pain from being hit, the challenge, the physical interaction, and most of all, the intense sex afterwards.
     Finally, the boy's main body split into two muscular twins, and I fought hard both of them. The twins overpowered me, and starting sucking my penis. The sucking felt very good and intense. However — and for the third time in the tournament — as the sucking made me close to orgasm, with magic I became much stronger, and defeated them. I was crowned champion, and standing naked on a beautiful dais, I again felt a strong urge in my penis. In response, I simultaneously fucked and was fucked by the twins, with the audience cheering, and the males I fought cheering and masturbating. Finally, as I reached orgasm, the twin I was fucking became the boy again, and I ejaculated into his mouth, feeling delighted. Afterwards, the boy told me that we will have sex every day.

Story 14: A Dark Place (December 10, 2015 - January 1, 2016)
     A certain place had an evil omen associated with it. You were supposed to go through it only in daylight, on the main road, with someone, and wearing protective clothing. One night, however, I was stranded on the other side. So I went through the place alone, in the dark. The air was fresh and cool, the moon was shining, and a gentle mist was visible. Suddenly, I saw a figure, but it was just a beautiful boy who said "Don't worry; you will be safe tonight. Have fun," and he touched my crotch and ran away. Continuing, I had a tingling feeling in my penis. I ignored it at first, but the feeling became stronger and stronger. I noticed a beautiful place away from the road and went there. I took off all my clothing, and began masturbating. I loved the feeling of the fresh air against my skin, and the gentle glow from the moon. Then, as I looked around, I saw a beautiful castle, with a sign "Welcome, Naked Adventurer". I turned back, but now there was a fence with a sign, "You have to stay until your penis is satisfied", and my clothes were outside the fence. So I went into the castle, leaving everything, including shoes and underwear, behind.
     The gate was decorated with sexual acts, and I soon saw three attractive muscular young males, naked with an erection (with big beautiful penises), standing guard. They welcomed me, and offered me a delicious non-alcoholic drink. I drank it, and they said, "This will make you very horny and it will take a very long time for you to come; each time it's too intense, it will enhance your body and mind so that you can experience more and without harm. Now, we want your penis, and if you let us suck you, we will let you through." Then two of them stood by my sides, holding me, and a third sucked me, and they switched places until all three sucked me, and then after checking that I wanted their penises, they kept sucking me while I sucked them off to orgasm. I went further and in the next room, there were three more young males, even more attractive than in the first one. They welcomed me, and said, "If you fuck us, we will let you through." Then they stood in line, bent, and with buttocks toward me. Their buttocks were big and beautiful and pure, and I was horny, so I anally penetrated all of them, bareback (since with magic it is safe), and in different positions, sometimes rapidly switching partners, and with me often sucking and stroking them — until they reached orgasm, simultaneously, with two penises by my mouth and the third male riding on my penis, and me feeling close to orgasm. I then went to the third room, hornier than ever. Again, three young males, who were even more attractive, welcomed me and said, "If you let us fuck and suck you, we will let you through; don't worry, your drink ensures that it won't hurt." I agreed, and I really enjoyed it. They took turns fucking and sucking me, and letting me suck them, and then finally, and simultaneously, two ejaculated in my anus, while a third ejaculated in my mouth, and I appeared to ejaculate in his mouth, except that my penis remained excited and erect. Then the male (in whose mouth I appeared to ejaculate) said, "If you want more — and we know you do — go to the main room and touch the jewel with your penis." I went to the main room, which was large and beautiful, and in the center, a large beautiful jewel was glowing. I hesitated a little, but feeling an urge, I touched it with my penis.
     A strong pleasant stimulus went through my penis, and a multitude of large tentacles appeared. They were beautiful and slimy and able to change shape and color, and reshape into more advanced forms. The tentacles wrapped around my hands and feet, holding me in place, and started wrapping around my body. I became afraid, but then the beautiful boy (whom I saw earlier), the owner of the castle, who controlled and felt the tentacles, appeared. He said, smiling, "Don't worry, I won't harm you and it will feel good, but you have to stay until you ejaculate. The nine males were projections of my body, and I want much more. I will make your penis huge and very intense and stimulate it for a very long time before you are able to come. And afterwards, you will have to fuck me every day; I can find you anywhere. Enjoy," and then the boy's body dissolved and merged with the tentacles. The tentacles continued wrapping around me, and caressed all parts of my body. One tentacle went into my mouth, like a deep mouth kiss. Another penetrated my anus and through rhythmic movements began stimulating me. A third tentacle wrapped around my penis and began massaging it, and a thin extension even went inside it. It felt very good, but overwhelmingly intense. And to enhance sensation, the tentacles went through me — sharing physical location with my body and without harm — massaging and enhancing my penis, muscles, and body from the inside. I struggled and moaned, but then resigned to the pleasure. Whenever it became too strong, my penis pulsated, as if ejaculating, but instead of ejaculating, my penis and balls became bigger, and the intensity was relieved temporarily, but only to become stronger and more pleasant than ever before.
     Finally, as my penis became huge, with its head much bigger than a fist, the boy reappeared, naked with an erection. He stroked and licked my penis, saying "I love it. I want it inside me." And then he sat on it, and despite its huge size, it went through. The boy's interior was constantly moving and swirling against my penis, playing a complex symphony, in harmony with the tentacles, which continued to stimulate me. The sex felt heavenly, and I loved the boy as he kissed me. I felt that I could play with the boy any way that I liked, happily following almost all his suggestions, which could be overt through him moving me or subtle through me getting an urge; and my penis remained inside him, except for brief moments so that it could be reinserted again. Then, as I was close to coming, the boy's penis became huge, and the boy split into two, with one of them anally penetrating me. Finally, and simultaneously with the boys, I reached an orgasm, which was huge and prolonged. I was screaming and my entire body was convulsing, and I felt ecstatic and free. I felt that my penis became one with the boy's (who rode on me), and I saw the ejaculation in its glory. Then the boy became one, the tentacles disappeared, and my body returned to normal. The boy gave me a talisman, which dissolved into sparkles of light that were absorbed by my body, and he said, feeling happy, "This will protect you. See you next time." Then the boy and the castle were gone. I was standing near my clothes, with the morning sun shining on my satisfied naked body.

Comments on the story:
* Note the careful progression of the acts.
* "safe tonight" — the boy does not lie, but the reader is left wondering whether the boy's sense of 'safe' is twisted.
* "non-alcoholic" — the effects of alcohol are too crude, and the boy does not want the main character's mind impaired — the subjective experience of the main character is key to the satisfaction of the boy. The boy also does not want to cause harm, including risk of alcohol dependence; it also makes it appear more innocent, and assuming that (like the author) the main character is a nondrinker, avoids the need to force the drink.
* "after checking that I wanted" — the main goal and desire is for (enjoyable) sexual stimulation of the main character, which is served by allowed him to choose when to perform oral sex; also, the males want their penises sucked, but only by someone happy to do that. Their feelings are real and felt by the boy.
* "simultaneously, two ejaculated in my anus" — it was double penetration; the drink modified the anus for it be safe, clean, and lubricated.
* "any way that I liked, happily following" — both want the main character to be sexually satisfied, and the boy (as a superhuman entity) knows the main character, and the main character now loves and trusts the boy, so following the boy's "suggestions" agrees with having sex the way the main character likes.
* "the boy split in two" — in a way, enabling the main character to feel both sides of the sexual act.
* The orgasm in the end was a complete experience, with stimulation to the entire body, the penis, and anus. The oneness enabled the penis to simultaneously penetrate the boy's anus, and for the ejaculation to be seen; there were two physical locations, but it felt as one, in part because the ejaculation was synchronous.
* It is unstated whether the sex took the whole night or (more likely) there was a time warp to the morning. It is also unstated what other dangers (if any) the place had.
* The main character is presumed single, though the boy would not mind the main character having sex with others if that enriched the main character's sexual experience.

Story 15: Demon Boy 4 (January 6, 2016)
     Walking in a forest during a winter night, I saw a beautiful young male. He was friendly, and his voice was kind, melodious, and intimate. He gently touched me, and I felt relaxed. He kissed me, and while kissing him, I saw that his eyes were glowing bright; he was not human. I thought to run, but my body froze. He said, "Relax, I won't harm you; I just want sex. I love feeding on human lives, but I miss consistency, for each life is different, and it is unsatisfying to be able to take each life only once. Through sex, I can feed on your sexual feelings; it's like feeding on a human life, except that I can do it many times and without end, and become stronger." He added, "Sorry if that did not turn you on, but the feeding works best if you know who I am. If you don't believe me, here are a few of my past meals," and after seeing images of his victims dying appearing in the air, I replied that I believed him.
     With magic, he added an otherworldly light, and he kissed me again, with a good and long deep-mouth kiss, skillfully controlling my body so that I could not resist. Sensing my continued fear and distress, he said, "this will make you feel better," and he gracefully sat down, and started sucking my penis, with a greater skill than a human could. Then, he stood in front of me, and his clothes dissolved into sparkles of light, revealing his beautiful muscular body, first the torso, then legs and feet, and finally his big erection. He then jumped on me, and my clothing was teleported nearby, my body became beautiful, and I was naked lying in the snow with him riding bareback on top of me. The snow felt soft and nice, and in my new body, I loved the cold. My skin was warm, as if from inner fire, and I saw the beauty of our bodies and the snow. The sex felt intense, and I thought about coming, but he said "I will make it last much longer, so that you feel better and I become stronger."
     We had sex in a variety of positions, including flying. The boy was in control, but always sensing and enhancing my sexual feelings, and with me almost forgetting who he was. But then, someone was passing by, and he could not see or hear us. The boy gently touched him, and he froze, but then the boy released him saying, "His life is delicious, but I will be full tonight," and smiling, continued sucking me. Simultaneously, the boy's fingers were moving and shape-shifting inside my anus, stimulating it with a greater precision than a human penis could.
     Finally, my entire body became tense, and I had a very long and intense ejaculation in the boy's mouth, and the boy was as excited as I was. My semen glowed bright as if it was an elixir of life and embodiment of joy, which I happily shared with the boy, who, eating it, glowed ecstatically satisfied. The appearance of my body then returned to normal, and my clothing was teleported back on me. He then cast a spell on me, saying, "Thanks for the sex. We will do it every day, and to ensure that, this will protect you, so you cannot kill yourself or die. See you next time." As for me, I wondered whether I should feel happy, or horrified, or violated, or guilty (of making a killer stronger), but then decided that this night was the start of turning darkness into light.

Comments on the story:
* I wanted to write a story where horror is a key element that extends beyond an unusual entity not respecting sexual boundaries.
* Exposure in the snow and cold can feel good, especially when one has enough energy. The sensation of something cold is separate from feeling too cold.
* The boy's "feeding" can be compared to people enjoying steaks while believing that cows have feelings, though the boy is not after physical food, but after life or feelings.
* "controlling my body" — it was forced sex (one rarely asks one's meal for consent), but this coercion feels more intimate than an ordinary use of force, and to an outsider it may look consensual. If one gives in to the boy (who uses the control skillfully, selectively, and for sexual stimulation of the main character), it may feel more like occasional guidance than coercion, but otherwise having one's body controlled by another may feel terrifying.
* A feeling of guilt is especially natural since it is the sexual feelings (even if involuntary) and not just involuntary physical acts that make the boy stronger. However, it is these feelings that create an opportunity to protect life, including the passerby in the story.
* "elixir of life" — the symbolism is apt both because semen applied in a certain way can lead to human life, and because its properties (or the feelings involved) substituted for taking human life.
* "cannot kill yourself" — immortality (presumably even against nuclear bombs) ensures that there is no escape from sex with the boy.
* The interaction does not harm the main character. The desire for "consistency" (it makes the meal more effective) and perhaps a special attraction to the main character makes it unlikely that the boy will choose someone else, and in any event he would want the main character to live so as to preserve the shared experiences.
* The treatment of sex as food is for this story only. In the other stories, the boy might feel the main character's sexual feelings but not eat them. If one wishes a darker angle for some of the stories, one can imagine a boy who loves killing people, but uses the main character just for sex, and later, companionship.

Story 16: Angry Boy (January 9, 2016)
     I saw an attractive boy, about 17, doing something wrong, and he said "Don't say anything, or I'll make you fuck me," but I helped report him to police. But afterwards, the boy appeared as a demon, crying "How dare you!" His face was full of wrath, his eyes were glowing, his naked muscle-bound body very tense, complemented by a huge erection. He jumped on me, and pinned me down. My clothing teleported nearby, and my penis sprang erect. He sat on me, and while rhythmically moving his buttocks with my penis inside his anus, said "For what you've done, I will not let you go until you come three times." The stimulation from his bare rectum felt intense, and something spread inside my penis, like a demonic fire. But it did not hurt, and instead remodeled my penis to be huge, with size commensurate to buttocks. The boy was moving wildly; and I, enjoying it, had a strong ejaculation in his anus.
     My penis became smaller, but remained long, excited, and erect. Then the boy said, "I will now eat your penis many times. I could make it hurt, but I find resorting to physical pain a sign of weakness." He then stroked and licked my penis, as if examining a tasty morsel, and then took it all inside and swallowed its head — and rapidly repeating it without end. I loved it, and I had an even better ejaculation in his mouth, but my penis was still erect.
     Then the boy slowly kissed my anus, and in doing this, modified it to make the next act safe and without pain. The boy's body split in two (both bodies like the boy), and one penetrated my anus and with the other's anus penetrated by me, with all our penises huge again. I felt happy and wild, and we had a long wild sex, in different positions, until I had a great ejaculation, synchronously with the boys. Afterwards, my penis had returned to normal, the boy (he became one) kissed me, and he asked, "Now, do you promise not to oppose me?", and I replied "And what if I don't?", to which the boy replied "Then we will do sex every day; I find it fun," and after a pause, he said, "See you next time."

Comment on the story: The boy's anger is real, but it is satisfied through forced intense intimacy with the subject (and the corresponding power and control), without a need for physical pain.

Story 17: Demon Boy 5 (January 20-30, 2016; chosen additional story)
     Suddenly, a black demonic cloud appeared. I became afraid, but the cloud materialized into a handsome male youth, naked with an erection, who said "Relax, you will enjoy it and become happier and stronger. I love torturing and killing people, and feeding on their delicious agony and death, becoming stronger, but something was missing, and I now know what it is. To become a new type of being, I need to feed on a paroxysm of feelings, but the intensity of torture is only a shadow of what I need, and besides, doing it without the pain will make me happier and stronger. Instead, we will do it through sex, and to enable it, drink this." He gave me a delicious drink in a golden cup adorned with jewels, and I drank it, as the boy gently caressed me, controlling my body so that I could not resist. The boy continued, "We will now have constant sex until you reach a paroxysm of feelings. The drink, which is an embodiment of my power, ensures that there is no relief from sex: Each time you will quickly reach a strong orgasm, but your penis will remain excited and erect; and it will gradually make each succeeding sex more pleasant and intense. It would drive you insane, except that the drink will also protect and enhance your mind, so that over thousands of ejaculations, we can build you up for our transformation."
     My clothing dissolved into the air, and the boy started sucking me. The sensation in my penis was overwhelming, and the boy would not let go. After I came, the boy started riding on my penis. I came again, and the boy split in two, with one of them sucking me and the other anally penetrating me, and after I came, the boy continued to more elaborate forms of sex. The sex ranged from simple to orgiastic, and sometimes playing out the experiences from the other stories here. It was intensely pleasant; sometimes he used what would ordinarily be felt as intense pain, but with me always enjoying it, somewhat like one may enjoy the pain from spicy food. I would never feel tired of the sex, for each time my mind was different, in its march towards the singularity.
     Now, to enrich the experience the boy wanted me to have sex with others. While the boy could (and did) shape-shift and use multiple bodies, it is not the same. He asked me, "What are your preferences?" I replied, "I want the other persons to look attractive, and for the sex to be consensual for them and without harm," to which the boy replied, "I will grant you these, and I get to decide the rest. Enjoy." Soon, I had sex with many attractive males (and some attractive females), without breaks from sex. I could be teleported anywhere on Earth, and with the appearance of my body often changed, but always hot. Sometimes the sex was normal and consensual, sometimes my body was controlled by the boy, and sometimes I actively resisted (enjoying it nevertheless), but no one actively resisted me, except play acting. No condoms were used, though if needed to avoid unnecessary worries, the boy would have created an illusion of a condom for my partners. Let me describe a few of the experiences here.
     In sunshine, outdoors, we saw a cute boy about 13, and I asked "Is not he too young?" But the demon boy took control of my body and replied, "Not at all. You find him cute, and his muscle-toned body has reached puberty, and I need the experience of a youth's first sex to enhance the transformation, and he wants sex. We will do it bareback, but I will prime his brain to use protection in the future." We started masturbating in from of him, and he went laughing. The boy, laughing, approached us, and said, "Stop it, or I will suck you off, like they do in porn," but we just took off our clothes, and so did the boy. The boy eagerly fondled, sucked, and stimulated with his anus both of us, using his mouth and anus simultaneously, and both of us stimulated his penis manually, orally, and rectally. I first came in the boy's mouth, but the boy kept sucking me, and then I came in the boy's anus, simultaneously with both my companion ejaculating in my anus, and me witnessing and feeling in my hand the throbbing of the boy's first ejaculation. Then the 13-year-old boy left us, saying, "Thanks. It was amazing, much better than I imagined it to be."
     After more sex, the demon boy said, "To enhance the experience, I need you to temporarily become a woman." The boy's body changed into smoke, and went inside me, remodeling my body. My breasts became huge, and my penis shrank into a clitoris; my scrotum went inward, opening a vagina. My hair became longer, and after seeing my new naked body, I was clad in beautiful female clothing. I arrived as the only female at a wild males only party, and the demon boy turned the alcohol into an aphrodisiac the males imagined it to be. (The boy remained present in my body, savoring my feelings, and ready guide me if I needed it.) They were all young and muscular and hot, and a male grabbed my crotch after only a few seconds of introductions. They quickly stripped me, and started sex. We did it in various positions, and at one point I was engaged by all seven males. I was lying on my back on top of a male penetrating my anus. Another male penetrated my vagina. A third sucked my clitoris. Two penises were by my mouth, and two more were stimulated by my hands. And my breasts and body were constantly massaged. They loved me and were happy to have a girl who seemed as excited about sex as they were. They all came from my stimulation, and I had many great orgasms as well.
     As I left, I became male, and arrived at a large gay party. After a few seconds, my crotch was grabbed again, and we soon had wild sex. There was friendly fighting, bondage, fisting, double penetration, with my anus always being stimulated. Simultaneously, the males loved my penis in their mouths and anuses and that after coming — which was frequent, copious, and delicious — I could just continue sex, which I did for hours until they all came from being stimulated by me, and then I left.
     It was a microcosm of sexual experience, with greater diversity than one would experience in ten lives. Sometimes I was in a state of hyper-alertness, thinking with greater depth and clarity than an ordinary human could, but other times it was like a dream with my consciousness barely there, and with many different altered states of mind in between. And if I passed out, I would soon wake up having sex. The pleasure had the intensity of torture, and the boy kept feeding on it and getting stronger. Most of the time, I felt like I was constantly on edge, and pushed beyond, but only to have, with each ejaculation, the edge extended further. It felt like an eternity of sex. I kept being mesmerized by the beauty of the bodies, and the intensity of the sensations kept going up as my mind was slowly stretched to handle it.
     Finally, the boy, feeling excited, said, "I love having sex with you, but we have enough power and experience now, so let's accelerate it." My body became muscle-bound, but tied up, and with electrodes attached to sensitive places on my body, including my rectum, around my penis head, and in the urethra. The boy was near me, and I also felt his presence and immense power inside me. The electrodes gave me what appeared to be powerful electric shocks, but it felt much more intense and did not hurt. Feeling ecstatic, I was screaming and my entire body was convulsing, with my penis in constant ejaculation and orgasm. My fully erect penis slowly became bigger and more intense, until it exploded in a super-orgasm, becoming smaller again, and this was repeated with greater intensity each time, until I felt the presence of an unearthly power, and the boy stopped.
     After a minute of reflection, with our bodies free and normal, the boy said "We are now ready for the final act." The boy then gently licked my penis. It felt like being cut by a thousand red-hot knives, but with pleasure instead of pain. It was much more than my mind, extensively enhanced though it was, could handle, and the reality became unreal; sex with boy became the world. And the boy did not stop, but intensified the sucking, onward towards the singularity. As I reached orgasm, there was a pure blinding light, and we went through it. Our minds and bodies were transformed in unfathomable ways, and then we emerged, together, embraced, and now equals. For transforming, I felt that there was a choice, and I chose both the light and the boy, and so did the boy, choosing the light and me. The boy said, "The new power is beyond my expectations. And I do not need or want to torture and kill anymore. I prefer life and sex." We became boyfriends, happy with our new transhuman identity.

Comments on the story:
* This story (and to some extent the other stories here) tries to capture and put into words an extreme. Most stories should deal with more mundane subjects, but capturing an extreme in a story enriches and clarifies our experience.
* As in some other stories, there are grounds for intense fear. The boy reassures the main character, but the reassurance is only effective if there is trust, which the story leaves up to the reader. The repeated violation/horror in the story is both intense and in a sense optional, in that the main character is free to accept it and treat it as an enhancement to sex.
* "paroxysm of feelings" — the human mind is not ordinarily capable of the sufficient intensity of feelings. Instead, the main character's mind is gradually expanded through repeated sex and the demon boy's partially superhuman power. The expansion takes a long time — doing it quickly is beyond the boy's power — but is made easier and shorter by doing it (and the sex) continuously. Avoiding the pain makes the resulting paroxysm of higher quality and lower risk, but the boy's background is emphasized by comparing sex to torture in the reverse. Mind expansion is also a way around the limitation on the amount of pleasure one can receive. It also allows that while the feelings gradually become thousands of times more intense, the degree to which they overwhelm the main character varies. Also, while transformation is the boy's primary objective, he really enjoys the sex in the story, and becomes stronger through it.
* "constant sex" — for some readers, this is the viscerally satisfying opposite to having no sex, with the main character's inability to refuse being a satisfying assurance that sex will happen (being forced also serves to heighten the tension and emotions, make the story balanced, and avoid (or modify) the question of morality). The boy being a demon matches the common portrayal of demons as having exaggerated human qualities.
* "thousands" — the amount of sex is reasonable for a long-term relationship, but the boy's power allows it to be compressed and intensified.
* "clothing dissolved" — note that recreating the clothing would not be a problem.
* "intense pain" — the enjoyment is what makes it consistent with the no pain condition.
* "consensual for them" — but not necessarily consensual for the main character; also, because the boy has access to the main character's feelings, there is no need to elaborate on "look attractive".
* "other stories" — one could copy and paste parts of other stories here, but I avoided repetition and instead included new ministories in the story.
* "attractive females" — this enriches the main character's experience, thus enhancing the boy's transformation. The sex is satisfying regardless of whether the main character would ordinarily find the females sexually attractive, or just attractive like a work of art.
* "too young" — in many cultures, age 13 is considered too young for sex, especially with an adult, partly because of an imbalance of power. (Of course, the imbalance of power with the demon boy is so strong that he could make almost anyone consent to sex.) Some readers may interpret it as just hot sex (amused by the notion that 13 is too young), others as a guilt-free way of tasting the forbidden, and still others as horror, and by omitting the main character's reaction, I chose not to preclude either type of readers from imagining self as the main character.
* "prime his brain" — otherwise, the experience would lead to a preference for risky sex in the future, violating the no harm condition (as construed by the demon boy). Priming creates a tendency to act in a certain way, while preserving a freedom to act differently.
* "with his anus" — this refers to anal sex.
* "shrank into a clitoris" — parts of male and female anatomy are developmentally and often psychologically homologous.
* "aphrodisiac" — alcohol actually impairs male sexual performance but is sometimes imagined as an aphrodisiac. Also, the boy does not consider his agreement for the sex to be consensual for them to preclude priming them for sex.
* "hyper-alertness" — to avoid potentially misleading the reader, note that coherence and alertness are different (though correlated) aspects of consciousness.
* "on edge" — the intense pre-orgasmic sensation, but also suggesting the border of something new; "extended" suggests a cycle, but also progress.
* "eternity" — the feeling is more important than the exact time it took. At one point, I added "weeks": One can think of weeks as long time, or as honeymoon, or as the time it takes for a victim to break down, or as the time it takes to train. But then I removed it to make the story feel more fluid (with progress instead of apparent stasis), and to give "eternity" a timeless quality and allow each reader to decide how long it is.
* "electrodes" — while mild electric currents can be used for pleasurable stimulation, strong electric shocks are commonly used for torture, especially in sensitive places such as the genitals. Shocks are also used to cause ejaculation in animals and sometimes (for medical reasons) humans.
* The final sexual act is deliberately simple. The simplicity suggests purity and emphasizes that it is the feelings and not the extravagance of the act that matters.
* "unearthly power" — the power, if unleashed incorrectly, could easily kill the boy (and everyone else), but the boy got a positive outcome in the form of a "pure blinding light". It is perceived as light, but without the discomfort that an ordinary very bright light would give. Also, the potential for this power is inherent in everyone's soul, but it manifests only under special conditions, such as a "paroxysm of feelings". One possibility is that a partial eruption of this power is what made the boy.
* "choice" — this emphasizes the importance of one's choices. While the consequences are not stated, the choice here is the right one. Both wished for the other to be helped by the light even if one could have transcended alone.
* The ending suggests the importance of love, and that no one is beyond redemption, along with the continuity with the previous existence. The impact on the human civilization is not stated (but the transcendence itself does not affect other humans).

Story 17 Extras

Extra Comments:
* The story does not say why the boy chose the main character, but being the author certainly increases the risk. It could also be something idiosyncratic, like having a lower threshold for a paroxysm of feelings.
* Mind control: The 3 possibilities are (1) body control while leaving the mind intact, (2) priming the mind (which could be as innocuous as making someone stumble onto a webpage), and (3) direct mind control. The stories use (1) and (2), but (3) is either impossible or distasteful.
* The boy is careful not to let the world know about him, one reason being that the exposure cannot be undone.
* The extra stories below are in the context of a relationship between the main character and the boy.

Extra Story 1: Overdose: We were teleported into a house, and an attractive young male was lying unconscious, wearing just underwear. The boy said, "He has a fatal overdose, not caused by me, but I modified your penis so that you can cure him by repeated anal penetration bareback. Whether you do it is up to you." I removed his underwear, and kept penetrating him. After a while, he suddenly woke up, and surprised, cried "What?"
I stopped, and told him, "You had a drug overdose, and I needed to do this to make you recover."
Smiling, he replied, "Don't stop. Keep going so that I can recover fully. And take off your clothes."
I complied, and we had great hot sex.

* Both "not caused by [the boy]" and the subject being unconscious (as opposed to resisting) are important to avoid guilt.
* Fatal overdose rates (as of the early 21st century) are high enough for this to be believable — if the timing is flexible — assuming the boy has sensors throughout the entire planet.
* The boy does not lie to the main character, and this allows trust. Trust allows one to believe the speaker, as the main character does in the story.

Extra story 2: Body Control: As my mind was gradually enhanced, I could sometimes use multiple bodies. At first, I just got a vague perception of how the boy (or the human persona he was projecting) feels, but then it became more vivid, until I could choose to experience his body with the same depth and intensity as mine. If the boy split into multiple bodies, I could choose which parts to experience or even all at once. And finally, I got control over some of the bodies, and the bodies felt as mine. Sometimes, the boy let and encouraged me to control his body, as long as I did not try to stop the sex, and some other times it felt like play-fighting over the control, and sometimes I could feel only my body. And I could act out different scenarios, like a group of males in a circle, doing anal sex with all the holes filled. As for the other persons, there was the issue of consent (since they could not know), so I asked the boy to limit my power here to that of allowing me to feel their feelings, and for them to have a guess of mine, and he complied, but it was enough to make the sex feel more intimate for them than sex with their long-time partners.

* "he complied" — by reducing worrying about morality, this enhances the main character's sexual experience. Note that subtle priming can be done without the subject's knowledge. The readers can decide for themselves what the right boundary is here.
* The story is not included in the larger story because of a thematic break (the freedom of the main character feels contrary to the boy being in control). Also, multiple bodies (in the first person) is difficult to understand intuitively, thus reducing the emotional aspect for some.

Story 18: Cursed Elixir of Youth (March 13, 2016)
     A mischievous attractive young male offered me sex, but I rejected him as he was younger than what the society's custom allowed. But the male would not give up. He modified my body to prevent sex and masturbation, unless I drink a cursed elixir of youth, which he created. After a while, I drank it and became young again.
     My skin, face, and body became young, and I became lean and thin, and immune to illness. However, there was a side effect, though it was gradual at first: After some time, my penis became very excited, which I relieved through sex. But after each sex (which felt great, and my partners were attractive), I became slightly more muscular, and my penis became slightly bigger, both flaccid and erect, and the time interval until the next sexual urge slightly shorter. If I did not give in, the urge would become overwhelming, but only when someone really attractive wanted me for sex, which was all the time. My clothing preferences started conservative, but I gradually changed from shirt to T-shirt to tank-top to shirtless, from full shoes to sandals to barefoot, and from pants to shorts to boxers to briefs cut so low that they barely covered my penis. And soon, I had to wear clothing that showed off my penis, or else it would burn through clothing, so as to expose itself. For a while, I wore light colored sheer spandex — often thong — that showed my huge genitals in exquisite detail, but then my penis had to be exposed no matter what else I wore.
     My body became muscle-bound and my penis huge and constantly excited. My sex became increasingly prolonged, with multiple ejaculations, and only a short relief afterwards until I needed sex again. And I did not need to worry about hurting others as my penis temporarily adjusted my partners' anatomy to make it fit. Finally, I ended up having constant sex, with many attractive males, often using my penis, mouth, and anus simultaneously, and doing it in public, who were delighted to have me, and I felt great. The conservatives were delighted that I was punished for trying to get youth and sex, with the nature of the punishment (sex) matching the crime, and with my enjoyment only increasing the indignity of the punishment. And the rest just laughed.
     Then the male whom I rejected reappeared, and asked me for sex again, and I agreed. It was so intense that in a short time it packed the pleasure of a full day of sex, and I was relieved of my sexual urges, without harm. The male became my boyfriend, and we had sex three times a day, and he also ensured that I had plenty of sex with others, and with the remaining time free, and during that time, my mind was enhanced and my penis normal.

Comments on the story:
* "conservatives" — the relevant aspects of conservatism (or ideas popular among conservatives) include opposition to unnatural bodily and sexual enhancement, a belief in punishment including denial of personal autonomy to criminals, and belief in the importance of appearance and dignified mindset (so the punishment is effective despite the enjoyment).

Story 19: A Redeeming Act (March 13, 2016)
     I was transcending, becoming a much greater being. As a consequence, the physical reality was being destroyed. The transcendence had to go on, for reaching it is the purpose of the physical world. I did not want the others to perish, but I lacked the connection to save them. The world has rejected me, and there were no redeeming acts towards me. Almost.
     Whether through fate or luck, it was an act that under my ordinary life is not likely to happen in a thousand years: I had a completed sexual act with an attractive person. It was an attractive teenage boy, a bit drunk. He took sexual interest in me and sucked my penis. We talked little and our clothes stayed on, but it felt good and intense, and I soon ejaculated in his mouth. The boy smiled and left, without me knowing who he was. But it was enough. The boy was the product of the world, and through my experience with him, I embraced the human world, connecting it to my transcendence. The other humans were saved.

Comments on the story:
* The story has a different mood than the other stories, and in this and other ways, enriches the collection.
* In line with allowing the main character to be morally pure, the rejection affects the ability but not the willingness to save others.
* The boy being "drunk" is not meant to endorse drunkenness, but (in a sense) to minimize the act and highlight the importance of seemingly random acts.

Story 20: Passionate Boy (March 13, 2016)
     An attractive teenage boy approached me. He was friendly, playful, kind, soft, and intimate, and I loved the beauty of his face. He gently caressed my body with his hands, and kept mentioning and praising my penis, making various comparisons, all designed to turn to me on. Then he carefully removed my clothing and passionately eyed my penis up close and gently fondled it. He then took it in his mouth and sucked it, loving it as if it was the meaning of his life. The pleasure in my penis was so strong it felt unbearable. I felt his, as if owned by him, and I gently moaned. The reality was perceived as background to my penis, and the boy did not let go.
     Next, he put my penis in his anus, and started riding it, and later having me thrust into him. He softly moaned with pleasure, as if experiencing a mating trance. I felt captivated by his buttocks, genitals, muscles, body, and the expression of his face, and I instinctively kept thrusting with my penis, feeling intense pleasure with each thrust. Then as my penis approached orgasm, I pulled it out and put in his mouth, and he stimulated it, creating a better and stronger feeling than I ever had before, and it felt amazing as my penis exploded into a strong ejaculation in his mouth, just as the boy wanted it to be. We then kissed, cuddled, and relaxed, contemplating our experience.

Comment: I wanted to write a short story that shows off passion without any extravagance in the acts.

Story 21: A Dark Blob (March 13, 2016; modified April 4, 2016)
Part I:
     As I was walking, I had an inexplicable urge to go to a certain place, and lie down there and rest, which I did. As I was lying, I felt something massaging my lower leg, and I initially let to be, but then seeing a black tentacle, I tried to get away. With lightning speed, tentacles appeared and wrapped around me, and quickly but carefully put me back down, and then they disappeared, and the tentacle resumed massaging me.
     The tentacle stemmed from a shapeless black blob, and gradually other tentacles and projections appeared and began massaging me. They slowly removed my clothing and proceeded to massage more intimate parts of my body. The touching included light touch, deep pressure, movement, vibration, temperature, all magnified into an intense symphony. I inhaled something that protected me from harm, and also made all touch feel better and more intense, and if there were sexual stimulation, would prevent orgasm for hours.
     I loved how the blob massaged my shoulder, back, and buttocks, and it proceeded to gently fondle my penis and my anus, with me powerless to stop it. A special projection appeared and attached to my penis in three ways: The outer tube fully engulfed my penis, a projection went between my foreskin and my exposed penis head, and a long projection went inside my urethra. It stimulated my penis through deep pressure, surface motion, and movement and stretching of my foreskin, all magnified by being unpredictable, and the blob through its special power also remodeled my penis for extra sensitivity and intense pleasure. A thick fluid projection also went into my anus, and began stimulating me. It was all extremely pleasant and mind-bogglingly intense.
     The blob proceeded to engulf my body, covering everything, and entering into my mouth, ears, nostrils, eyes. And it showed me beautiful sexual imagery, in full detail (including sound) as if it was real, and in coordination with the tactile stimulation. I was free to close my eyes, but the imagery would remain. The blob controlled it, but it was based on what would stimulate me sexually, and the characters were reacting to my thoughts in ways that enhanced my stimulation. Sometimes, I saw and felt through the eyes of one character, sometimes I felt as one character but saw his body from the outside, and sometimes the relation between the imagery and the blob's touching was more subtle.
     It lasted a very long time, but finally my eyes were released and I saw the blob again. It went inside me, and I was screaming as body became muscular, all parts feeling intense, and my penis engorged and started a huge ejaculation, and I lost consciousness.
Part II:
     I woke up in a huge elaborate prison, a virtual creation of the blob. The blob ensured that I felt rested, well, and sex-deprived. I was thin (not muscular) and fully dressed. A clock showed that a day elapsed, though there was also a second number that changed much slower. I tried to escape. The environment was rich, complex, and interconnected, and there were enemies. Each of my enemies tried to take a bit of my clothing, and as my clothing was removed, I felt stronger and more muscular and uninhibited. Soon, I became naked, and now they all tried to hit my penis, which did not hurt but made it bigger and more intense, until it exploded into convulsions. The convulsions exposed me, and attracted hundreds of males, who overwhelmed me, and forced me into sex — just a few minutes after I woke up.
     They were young and muscular and hot, naked with an erection, and acted wild. A male grabbed my penis with both hands, which were big, but there was plenty of space to stroke up and down the shaft. He kissed and licked the penis head, eagerly eyeing it. Then, he opened his mouth wide and took it in deep, and instead of throat he had a special organ for stimulating penises. The pleasure was overwhelming, and I instinctively cried and writhed, as others held me, but the experience, including his saliva, had a calming effect, and my body relaxed. They loved holding me and deep-mouth kissing me, including all my hands and feet at once, and gently biting me, wanting more.
     A male with a huge penis began rimming me, which felt good and created an overwhelming urge to get penetrated, and then he thrust his penis into my anus, and I loved the thrusting. I was anally penetrated (bareback) by many males in rapid succession, often by two at once, and as each came in my anus, I had a synchronous anal orgasm of my own, and afterwards had the intense pleasurable sensation of the semen in my rectum. Simultaneously, my penis was stimulated in many ways, including orally by three mouths at once, and anally in rapid succession. And they also had sex with each other, eagerly showing off to me, especially the close-ups.
     Each penis had mesmerizing beauty, and I loved as one after another ejaculated in my mouth, anus, and body. It was copious, nourishing, and delicious, with each male's flavor unique, but most importantly it was magical, so that savoring it, I felt the joy of their ejaculations, and also received a measure of their strength. It felt pure and heavenly as the semen was rubbed over my body, and I loved having it in my mouth. Finally, I had an overwhelmingly strong ejaculation, and then with them still stimulating me, including my mouth, penis, and anus, drifted off to sleep.
     I woke up a day later, and repeated the escape attempt, and so on for many times, most times going a little further than I did before, with each day gaining power, intelligence, and knowledge, and often finding shortcuts. The further I went, the more power I gained that day, and the longer and more intense the sex was, though at any time I was free of course to just drop my clothing and stroke my penis. And though it was optional, to accelerate my progress, I sometimes chose paths with intense pain, but that was fine, I wanted it.
     Finally, I reached the topmost place. As my penis pulsated, I summoned all my power, combined it with the power of the place, and channeled it into my penis, breaking the barrier. My penis head figuratively exploded, and from it came intense radiant light and waves of immense power, and with the sexual feelings to match. The oncoming troops were vaporized, the prison was demolished, and the sky broke open.
     I was back where I started, ejaculating with my penis stimulated by the blob. I changed, becoming happier and better. I looked at my watch, and saw that in the physical world only a short time had passed: The blob used a time-warping ability, allowing me to pretend that nothing happened. The blob then disappeared inside me, barely-perceptible, but present and protecting me, waiting to sexually stimulate me again.

Comments on the story:
* The blob is clearly intelligent, but the description in the story gives it an inhuman feel.
* "sex-deprived" — note the contradiction with the amount of sex; the difficulty of creating this feeling is unclear.
* The description of semen is obviously an idealization of how one may want it to be. In real life, semen contains joy only in a symbolic sense.
* "time-warping" — the difficulty of doing this is not clear, but in the analogy of the mind to a software process, the time warp corresponds to running it on faster hardware.

Story 22: Sexual Slave (June 17, 2016)
     As punishment, and because I was considered inferior to them, I was forced to be their sexual slave. Unlike an ordinary slave, I was not required to follow commands, for they could just force my body into desired positions to sexually stimulate me, and they wanted my feelings and not my service.
     I was stripped of all my clothes and possessions, and placed in a large arena, with a variety of indoor and outdoor areas. I was forced to drink a special preparation, which enhanced the sensation in my body, and also adjusted my appearance. It made my penis hypersensitive, but unable to ejaculate until I am fully enhanced, and free from pain or harm.
     A group of males approached and attacked me. They were all attractive, young, muscular, and naked with an erection, and they all wanted to sexually stimulate me. (Their society had shape-shifting technology, allowing everyone to choose to look attractive.) They seized my body and began playing with me. They took turns to insert their penises bareback into my anus. The drink ensured that the insertion felt pleasurable and intense and without pain, and their technology was advanced enough that I did not need to worry about it being safe, clean, and lubricated. But the focal point was my penis, especially its head, with the anal stimulation acting to enhance the intensity of the manual, oral, and anal stimulation of my penis. It was overwhelmingly intense, and I was powerless to stop it. Instead of an orgasm, I felt a superintense touch, and I gasped, with the pleasure and intensity capturing all my attention. At that moment, and immediately afterward, my feelings did not have words, and I just felt love towards the person that triggered the touch. After a momentary pause, I felt an urge to have more sex, and they resumed, telling me that I needed to have my sexual urges satisfied.
     I was passed around different persons and groups (all attractive), each with a different theme and experience. Some groups were naked, some dressed casually, and some wore elaborate costumes. One time it was an elegant room, with the males dressed formally. They were polite and with graceful manners, which magnified the feeling of my nudity, especially as they pretended to adjust my clothes. They placed me on the table, and kept sucking my penis, using a selection of anal vibrators to stimulate my anus, and then passed me to a different group.
     With their technology, they (the society and not just the males near me) not only saw my body but also my feelings. They, and especially the persons who stimulated me, could in a sense experience and feel my feelings, and that was their main interest in sex. And they laughed and were delighted at having exposed and captured me so completely. They laughed at the incongruity of me being a person seemingly like them yet being exposed in this way, and they delighted in exercising this kind of power and creating and savoring my feelings. But what delighted them the most, is that unlike an ordinary orgasm, the special touch could given again and again, and also that (as an effect of the preparation), each special touch will enhance me sexually, until everyday's sex could be as long, intense, and pleasurable as this.
     The massage of my genitals had lasted hours, with the sensation gradually intensifying, until I finally had a great ejaculation that lasted minutes. I was with the group who stimulated me first, and they ensured that I ejaculated in all their mouths and anuses. I was then placed in a nice comfortable bed, where, sexually satisfied, I relaxed and fell asleep.
     Afterwards, I was forced to have sex every day for three hours a day. The sensation and the pleasure were overwhelming, and its intensity did not diminish over time; each time it felt different and new, and each time the beauty of their bodies seemed superintense, as if I never saw unclothed males before.
     The rest of my time was free, without me being adversely affected by the sex, including in the appreciation of little pleasures, and with the sex adding meaning and purpose into my life. The others became friendly with me, drawn by their memories of sex with me and expectation of more sex. And the sex was not just naked pleasure. For pleasure, being a feeling, must have meaning, and they allowed that meaning by allowing the experience and my profoundly direct contact with them to spiritually enhance me. The enhancement, being spiritual, was almost imperceptible at first, but over time would end up being profound.

Comments on the story:
* Most of the themes are already explored in the previous stories, but the story has enough new ideas to merit inclusion.
* "three hours" — a long time, but not so long as to break the emotional connection by appearing unreal to the readers.
* "must have meaning" — pleasure, including sexual pleasure, is characterized by intensity, duration, and frequency. It is ordinarily impossible for all three to be very high — prolonged sex would lose intensity and/or make nonsexual time less enjoyable. The story briefly addresses this by acknowledging the issue, giving details on how the main character feels, including a detailed denial of the adverse effects, and giving an idea of why it is possible.

Story 23: Demon Boy 6 (December 27, 2016)
    A demon boy approached me, taking the form of a beautiful muscular human male youth. He was kind, friendly, and playful, and I did not resist him. He took interest in and gently fondled my penis, praising it and telling me that it needs some stimulation and massage. But as my sexual feelings quickly became too strong, he exposed my penis and took it in his mouth. The pleasant sensation was overwhelming, being intensified by his special power, and the boy did not let go, for he intensely and single-mindedly enjoyed it. The boy could feel my feelings, and alter our bodies as he needed it.
    His enjoyment caused his anus to feel intense with anticipation, and as I was lying on my back, he put my penis in his anus and started riding it. The boy felt heavenly and so did I, for he made his rectum and my penis hypersensitive, using his power to ensure that pleasant sensation in the one released an essence that enhanced sensation in the other. We did it for a long time, loving each other strongly, and in various positions, and with the boy sometimes interrupting the anal sex to suck my penis, and if I wanted to, I could also suck his big and beautiful erect penis. And despite the intensity, I could not climax until the boy wanted me to do it.
    The boy's feelings were intense, but he was in control, and it was his choice to assume the human form, and his choice for his sexual feelings to be shared and intense, he wanted it that way. And to complete the experience, the boy modified his body to create a tail, with sensation (for him) like the penis. He inserted his tail into my anus (modifying my anus to enhance pleasure and avoid pain or harm), so I felt both sides of the sex, with my anal and penile pleasures and the rest joining in a sublime harmony. No one saw us, but it was recorded by the boy, for sex is a pure act that should be seen and shared and not hidden. I effectively let the boy control the acts, but I felt free, for our desires were aligned, and together having sex we were free.
    Finally, while sharing a deep mouth kiss, I ejaculated simultaneously with the boy (both his penis and his tail, and without stopping anal sex), with our semen, pure and delightful and infused with magic, being absorbed into each other's bodies. Our joy and feelings reached new heights and we saw a glimpse of transcendence. Then I relaxed in the afterglow, with boy's love and magic protecting me from harm. Sex is but one aspect of existence, but it infuses life with meaning. We became boyfriends, with daily sex being a part of our quest for a higher form of being.

Comments on the story:
* In this story, I placed special emphasis on emotion and on how the other person feels.
* Much of the story could be written with the boy being just human, but I wanted an idealization of the sex, so I used a demon boy.

Story 24: Demonic Punishment (February 9, 2017)
    As punishment for my lack of sexual restraint, a demon cursed my penis. The curse created a strong urge in my penis, but I had to resist it for a day, for if I reached orgasm, I would be forced into constant sex. But when I touched my penis, it felt very good, so I kept touching it. The more I touched it, the better it felt, and the stronger the urge to continue, until finally, thinking that I would not mind constant sex, I reached orgasm.
    In an instant, my penis became huge and hypersensitive and without pain or harm from extended sex, and when exposed, unable to resist sex with an attractive eager partner. A large group of attractive young males appeared, all eager for my penis. The males were emanations of the demon, but their feelings were real, for the demon could experience more than an ordinary human could. They forcibly exposed my penis, and after I hesitated, I felt an overwhelming urge, and my penis took control and started sex. I was free, except that at no point could I cover up my penis, and thus I could not to stop the sex until I satisfied all of them. However, whenever I satisfied one with my orgasm, another one appeared, seemingly without end. My orgasms gradually became more frequent and intense, until I had a huge and prolonged ejaculation that simultaneously satisfied all of them, and fell asleep.
    During the sleep, I would forget about the sex from the previous day, not as a memory, which remained vivid and detailed, but as a habituating experience. So each day, despite memories of many days of sex, it was all fresh, as if I never had sex or masturbated or seen a naked male before. And so I was forced to have overwhelmingly intense sex all day every day, without feeling tired of the sex. It lasted centuries, or what felt like centuries for the demon could warp time, but finally I have transcended. For each time, to sustain the experience of the sex, a tiny bit of the spiritual power was added until finally my orgasm morphed into an overwhelming light making me into a higher form of human being.

Comments on the story:
* Whether sexual restraint is good is situational.
* "demon" - as in other stories, a being with superhuman powers, often exceptionally evil but (as demonstrated in some of the stories) not irredeemable.
* "penis" - traditionally (and often, in practice), male sexuality (and lack of restraint) is centered on the penis, though the story could easily be changed emphasize a different aspect of sexuality. The details of sexual acts are unnecessary to the story.
* "centuries" -- longer than a human lifespan, but not so long as to feel abstract; suggests a mythological timescale and unlimited lifespan.
* "warp time" -- not needed in a mythological setting, but needed if the story is meant to start and end in the current time.

Story 25: Demonic Punishment 2 (March 24, 2017)
    As punishment for my persistent lack of sexual restraint, they used a strong aphrodisiac on me and then sexually stimulated my penis for hours (with physically felt very intense but without pain or harm) in public for everyone to see. But instead of reforming, I became even more unrestrained afterwards. Consequently, I was sent to a special place where a full breakdown of restraint would turn one into a sex demon, which is (in terms of loss of dignity) a punishment worse than death.
    The place was beautiful and comfortable and I could live without worries, except one. The nature of the place simultaneously caused strong sexual urges and prevented their satisfaction unless I used a special lotion on my penis. The lotion was not restricted but it had a side-effect, namely over time it increases one's sexual urges, making them more difficult to handle unrelieved. I did not want to be sexually unsatisfied, and the side-effect was very mild at first. But the effect was cumulative, making me masturbate more and more often, and taking a longer time to come each time, but I loved masturbation and did not stop. Over time, my penis became bigger and more pleasant and intense, and eventually I noticed that after ejaculating I could start masturbation right away. These chains of masturbations gradually became longer, until I masturbated all the time. But application of the lotion now greatly increased pleasure and intensity, so I started applying the lotion more and more, and the lotion started to feel good everywhere and not just on my penis, until finally I dipped myself into a beautiful bath filled with the lotion and reached a constant orgasm.
    At this point, the standard course would be to transform me into a sex demon, but a beautiful well-dressed demon boy, who while hidden was watching me, had other plans; he wanted more. With a stroke of his magic, my sexuality was normalized, sexual urges gone, and feeling nonsexually happy, I put on beautiful robes offered by the boy. The boy looked young and pure and had melodious voice and graceful manners, but underneath he was more. As he would later explain, "Each day, through sex, I will try to transform you into a sex demon, but will withhold a necessary ingredient so that you will experience the full pleasure and intensity of the transformation but be unable to transform, and I will repeat it for eternity or until you discover a greater power than what is known to our world." That was forbidden, for even sex demons would consider that too much, a perversion on the unique act of transformation, but the boy did not care. And for now, he was just giving me an innocent introduction to his gardens and his castle.
    We reached the bedroom and lied down to relax. Then the boy gently fondled my penis, and my sexual feelings returned. The boy was very eager for my penis, soon putting it in his mouth, and stimulating it until orgasm. The stimulation felt awesome and intense, different from any stimulation I had before, and left me satisfied.
    But then, after my orgasm, the boy said "It's time for more," and moved his hand to fondle my penis. I stopped his hand and said, "Is not it too soon?" to which the boy replied, "But that's the point, I need to stimulate your penis without breaks to make it superintense, and with my power magnify your pleasure without pain," and overriding me, streaks of light went through the air and became ropes that held me, and he started fondling my penis again. As my sexual urges returned, the boy eagerly eyed my penis and again put it in his mouth.
    Each time the sex became longer and more intense. The boy sometimes gave me control over him, letting me do anything with him, as long as it is sex, sometimes it was cooperative, and sometimes he took control knowing better what would stimulate me than I do. And the boy could change the appearance of both of us, assume multiple bodies (each with genuine human feelings), and even alter my sexual preferences, thus enriching the experience. It was set up that my ejaculation limited the intensity of the sex — too strong and I ejaculate — but by making me climax many times, my orgasm was gradually suppressed, so that intensity could go beyond normal human limits, and the sex appeared without end.
    But then the boy delivered to my penis a special touch whose pleasure and intensity were beyond endurance and whose role would be to transform me into a demon, except that the transformation was being blocked, so instead, I had an ejaculation lasting minutes. Then the boy said,
- "Let's do this all day every day until after a million attempts we succeed, and you transform. I can warp time so that the rest of the world stands still."
- "But aren't you the one blocking the success?"
- "I am, but I don't want your transformation to be second rate. A true transcendence is stronger than the laws of physics and can override all ordinary blocks."
That was true, but the boy had more immediate things in mind as well. He loved our interaction, including his power and my helplessness in front of him. That power was not the power to make me do something, but an intensely personal power, with us being together, and him creating my feelings beyond endurance, and with him seeing me exposed completely, breaking the ordinary course of nature, and savoring my feelings as if it were his.
    The stimulation of my penis (ending in the special touch) was repeated many times, and I gradually started to handle two or more special touches before ejaculating, until my ejaculation was suppressed entirely. Then the boy started giving the special touch more and more often, until finally with each thrust of my penis, I felt like I was transformed into a demon and back again. It was as if unsheathing of my penis head made me a demon, and its cover-up by foreskin returned my human form. It was in this state of constant transformation that I finally got a glimpse of something more, but the glimpse was too much too bear, and we could get no more.
    I ejaculated uncontrollably for hours. For each time I started to feel more collected, I had a memory of the glimpse, which kept overwhelming me. Simultaneously, the boy was greedily feeding on my pleasure and emotions, and their embodiment my semen, and becoming stronger. Finally, while I was still ejaculating, the boy put me into a deep sleep, where I "forgot" my experiences, not as a memory, which remained vivid and detailed, but as a habituation of emotions. The next day I woke up all fresh, as if I never had sex or masturbated or saw a naked male before, and the boy was ready to start it all again. Even his first touch of my penis was now overwhelming, and the boy would stimulate me all day long.
And so it was repeated, with the boy assuming millions of forms and doing millions of acts, with the details varying each day, and with my mind and memory expanded to remember all the acts, all without my mind being harmed or my feelings losing their intensity and lustre. Each time I got a tiny glimpse of the beyond, until finally, in a moment of transcendence, I simultaneously got all of them together, and a new era has begun.

Story 26: Sex and the Law (March 25, 2017)
    As punishment, I was forced to have sex many times a day, and I could not choose my partners other than that it was consensual for them and I found their faces beautiful and their bodies inoffensive. Their legal system, while rejecting obvious barbarities like killing people, held that personal autonomy can be denied to criminals as long as there is no physical pain or harm, provided that the balancing of the interests favors the punishment. These conditions were met here as they modified my body to handle frequent sex so that (while intense) it was thoroughly enjoyable and nonharmful.
    A certain group wanted me for a sexual experiment, for based on some seemingly insignificant detail, I was uniquely qualified to succeed. But to legally force me to participate, they needed me to violate the conditions of my punishment, and after a while, they found something.
    One day, instead of a typical sexy client, there was a beautiful boy who was only ten and begged me not to do it. I declined sex with him, saying, "He does not want sex," and a commission was convened to decide whether my refusal violated the conditions of my punishment.
    My objection that "I do not find the boy to be sexually attractive" was quickly dealt with: "But you find his face and even his body cute and that is enough here. The provisions do not require that you find your client's body sexual; your enhancements ensure that even if you are upset, rubbing your penis triggers a physically enjoyable erection."
    As for consent, I was told "An ordinary ten year old is too immature to decide whether to consent to sex, and our review confirmed that the boy is immature. To deal with the immaturity, we let parents make important legal decisions on behalf of their children, with support from experts and multiple levels of review. Here, both parents signed a valid consent form, which legally counts as consent for the child."
I replied, "Even if I accept this, a substitute consent here must be based on the child's best interests."
They replied, "The boy has serious mental health and behavioral issues, and two psychologists have testified that the act will benefit the child, partly based on an advanced software program that ran a simulation of the child's brain. The program code is a trade secret, but it was found reliable in practice."
"But he will resist me, and besides, his rectum might get perforated."
"If you are worried about his resistance, we can restrain him, and a physician already modified his rectum for the penetration to be safe for him and without pain."
I stood resolute, "The right to decide whether to have sex is fundamental. One's youth, and mental health, and the will of the parents and the voters is immaterial."
    But the commission rejected that proposition, and after further finding that the nature of my resistance precluded ordinary rehabilitation, approved me for the experiment. Luckily for me, the experiment worked, and I became physically, mentally, and sexually enhanced — and now free.

Comments on the story:
* Unlike the previous stories, this story is more of a social commentary than a sex story. Besides entertainment, the purpose of the story is to promote freedom and show (through a parody) how even advanced societal decision-making institutions can sometimes fail.
* This story also balances the other stories by being pro sexual restraint.
* For the experiment in the story, one possibility is something that causes the main character to transcend and thus transform not only oneself but the world. However, I decided not to complicate the story or unnecessarily interfere with its realism.

Story 27: Magic Pants (March 27, 2017)
    As a punishment and test, I was made to wear special sex-stimulating pants, but I also drank a sex suppressant that took effect whenever I touched my penis. At first, I felt nothing sexual, but then there was an urge in my penis. The urge grew stronger and stronger over time, until I had to touch my penis, and a single light (and lightly pleasant) touch caused it all to go away. But after that, I had to touch my penis more and more often until a single touch was insufficient, and so I had touch my penis twice, then three times, then rub my penis, then rub my penis twice and even longer, and finally, to stop it, I got a replacement for my pants, special knee-length shorts. They felt completely nonsexual at first, but over time they stimulated me like the pants, and I had to replace them just the same.
    And so it was repeated with medium-length shorts, boxers, briefs, bikini, and finally just a thong. There were no more standard garments after that, but being creative, they gave me a skin-tight garment that covered my genitals and nothing else, then a special tube that covered just my penis, and finally a cap that covered just my penis head. With the cap, at first my penis was nonsexual and small, but over time I had to touch it more and more to keep it from getting bigger. After a while, I started to conserve my touches, gradually letting my penis get erect, but the bigger my penis was, the more intense I felt the cap. Finally, despite me trying to massage it all away, my penis throbbed in full erection, and I imagined that I could not handle it, and though only a little of the required time was left, I threw the cap away, and with the stimulus gone the sex suppressant took control. I was now given extra time, which I had to spend without clothing.
    At first I was fine, but prolonged nonsexual nudity was forbidden in that place (as a misdemeanor public nuisance), so (given my sex suppressant) I was required either to cover up (and fold) or apply a certain sexual lotion on my penis. At this point, I was advised to fold since the lotion, while safe, once applied cannot be undone and it will be much more intense than all the special clothing I wore combined, and afterwards it will permanently enhance my penis. But determined to win, I used the lotion.
    The lotion felt neutral at first, but then it started triggering sexual urges that I suppressed by touching my penis, naked, occasionally at first, but then more and more often, and using longer and deeper touches over time, as my penis slowly became erect. Ordinary touches gradually became insufficient, and I had to pump my penis to suppress it, and to do it longer and more often, until as my penis became fully erect, I did it all the time. With no relief, the intensity kept going up, and it felt extremely pleasant and overwhelming. They were laughing and excited, but I did not care, or rather their presence and reaction only further turned me on. At one point, someone offered me a countermeasure (that would still enable me to win), but I did not want it; I loved how I was. The reality became unreal, as a dream; me and my penis made the world, and it seemed without end. Finally, the intensity and joy went up once more and reached new heights, and my penis had a very strong ejaculation, and with a loving afterglow afterwards. I won, but I was just happy to be with them. Afterwards, their attitude towards me became much more positive and sexual, and I got many attractive offers to suck and ride my penis.

Comments on the story:
* The story plays on anticipation and builds on a variation on how sexual touching works. The title ("Magic Pants") can be viewed to cover all the garments and the lotion.
* In accordance with letting readers customize some details to fit personal fantasies, the story does not say who "they" are. The (presumably public) location is also not given.
* "and lightly pleasant" - to clarify, the touches are pleasant; the sex suppressant does not reduce the intensity of a touch provided that the touch is necessary for the suppression.
* "prolonged nonsexual nudity was forbidden" - if asked, the rationale would be that some nuisances are prohibited only in the absence of a need/cause, and sexuality qualifies as such a need (this comment is not an endorsement of the prohibition).
* "given my sex suppressant" - just fondling the penis would be nonsexual with the suppressant and thus not qualify.
* "permanently" - this serves to accentuate both the emotional importance of the events and the importance of long-term consequences.

Story 28: Sexual Restraint (March 28, 2017)
    As punishment for my lack of sexual restraint, they gave me sexual stimuli of increasing strength, but I loved the stimuli and did not stop. As a final warning, they gave me a stimulus so strong that I had wild sex for hours (with many attractive partners). But I liked it so much that the next morning, feeling an overwhelming urge, I just ran out naked with an erection, and was given the stimulus again. And so it was repeated every day, until they gave me a stimulus so strong that I ended up fucking all the time.
    Each thrust of my penis was now so overwhelming as to keep my mind in an almost subhuman state, and immediately after each orgasm I got an overwhelming urge to fuck again. And to ensure that the intensity and pleasure do not diminish over time, each penis thrust rejuvenated me with a tiny infusion from my partner's soul (with plenty of attractive partners ensuring that I do not masturbate instead). And so it was until after millions of times, I got enough infusions to transcend, becoming a higher type of human being.

Comments on the story:
* I kept the story short as my attempts to add details only detracted from the main idea and its emotional appeal.
* "almost subhuman" - the intense feelings make new thoughts much less likely and more difficult, hence "subhuman", but not impossible, hence "almost". I did not go further than that since some understanding is necessary for the feelings to truly exist at all. The phrase serves three related purposes: (1) being a strong intensifier, (2) making the punishment appear sufficiently shocking, and (3) as a contrast to the (superhuman) transcendence.
* "fuck" - here, the word choice suggests immediacy, crudeness, and intensity (and similarly in the first paragraph).
* "infusion ... soul" - besides being the cause of the transcendence, this mechanism indicates the very high difficulty of such rejuvenation and emphasizes the connection aspect of sex. One possibility/variation/mechanism is that the infusions increase the intensity and the infusion amount is naturally higher if one is (in a sense) more human.
* The first paragraph can be read as a standalone story, in which case alternate continuations include the stimulus wearing off, or normal intensity sex, or gradually finding sex intolerable, or gradually becoming a zombie.

Story 29: Sexual Restraint 2 (April 2, 2017)
    As punishment for my lack of sexual restraint, they applied measures that, while physically pleasant, increase suffering but making sexual restraint more difficult to maintain, but I did not stop. They intensified the measures, but I became even more unrestrained afterwards. They started giving me measures that (if I did not stop) could permanently increase my sexual desire, warning, "If you do not reform, we will eventually give you a sexual stimulus so strong that you will be fucking all the time," but that only turned me on.
    One day, as punishment, I was given an aphrodisiac and made to wear just very short light-colored unpadded lycra shorts, as attractive passerby praised me and fondled my erection (and its exquisitely detailed outline). Not wishing to bear it and recalling the sexual stimuli I might be punished with, I just took off my shorts and masturbated. As punishment, they kept massaging my penis for so long that I reached an orgasm, and I was warned of even greater punishments in the future. But not only did I not reform, I started deliberately provoking them, until they gave me a special measure.
    I got a stimulus so strong that it caused me to have wild sex for hours, and I would need to fight strong urges for many days. But instead of doing that, the next morning feeling an urge, I just ran out naked with an erection, and I refused to cover up even as they kept stimulating my penis to comply, as an excited crowd laughed and cheered. Therefore, they gave me the special stimulus again. And so it was repeated every day, until after warning me, they used the final measure.
    At the appointed time, I was led to the prepared room. They were attractive, careful, and professional, treating me with dignity. But they were also smug and delighted that they will be exercising power and solving my problem — by making my sexual feelings so strong as to keep me permanently inhuman. I was restrained and strapped to a comfortable bed, and my clothes were carefully removed until my penis was exposed to their view. Then they applied a preparation to my penis, and said (truthfully) "Don't worry; it will not hurt. You mind and body will be preserved, with your only restraint being your pleasant feelings. And given your lack of restraint, more sexual feelings is what you need."
    It started as a light touch, barely perceptible, but intensified into a good massage, and my sensitivity (and thus intensity and pleasure) kept increasing. My penis now had a very strong erection, and it felt like intense sex. Soon some of the touches were overwhelming, and the intensity kept going up. Some touches were now so intense that I started to scream in pleasure, and soon after that, to avoid stress and noise, they gave me a relaxing preparation that also enhanced and intensified my feelings (without adversely affecting thought if the intensity is fixed). As the intensity increased further, I had increasing difficulty thinking. I tried to think about what's happening, but the touches kept interrupting me with their intensity and joy, and then I thought (roughly) "I don't mind if my thought is reduced further, I just want more," and soon enough all extraneous thought was interrupted with every penis touch. I could feel and I could remember, but I could not think. Or almost could not. There was something subtle, unfathomable, and special in place of thoughts. And then the intensity increased once more, but there was insufficient energy yet, and it was tapered down to ordinary massage. But then the intensity went up again, and so it was kept pumping up and down, with the cycles becoming more and more intense, until finally I reached an orgasm, and reaching the limit, I transformed.
    I was set free but immediately felt an overwhelming urge to fuck. Fortunately, an advanced preparation ensured that most people would find me sexually attractive. I became young and muscular and strong, with my penis huge (and with ejaculate to match), and with a special power to cause my partners to find me attractive and to modify my partners' anatomy so as to please even the tightest holes. And an extremely advanced preparation ensured that the intensity and pleasure and my body, mind, and feelings would not diminish over time.
    I ended up having sex all the time, most times with several attractive partners at once, all of it in public. I picked partners I found attractive, and both genders wanted me, even males who would ordinarily prefer a woman. And since legally, I was in a state of diminished responsibility, their sexual taboos did not apply to me, thus resolving the question of my lack of sexual restraint.
    It was more intense than any normal human sex, and with each orgasm, I refelt the intensity of my transform. I could not stop, not even briefly, since if I somehow did that, my body would just take control. Still, while my thought (especially nonsexual) was much reduced in quantity, it was not impossible, including even advanced thought. I understood my predicament, but I decided not to care, for the others loved it, and I was somehow meant to be this way, and every single touch just felt so good and rich and overwhelming that I, ecstatic, felt no need to think. And with me hypersensitized, the visual attractiveness of my partners was also overpowering, as were touches in even ordinary places of my body.
    And so it was for what seemed like an eternity, with me permanently fresh and young and having many thousands of partners, when anomalies started to appear. While it was always strange that I, being kept almost subhuman through constant overwhelming pleasure, would not forget a single partner or even a single act, now it was as if I could imagine and appreciate all of them at once, though only for a small fraction a second. Soon after that, I started seeing strange spiritual forms that I could manipulate and build. And after a while, I knew what I had to do: The only way I could have gotten so much pleasure and yet have my feelings undiminished is for there to be a special meaning, but until now it was almost hidden, and with glimpses manifested in the forms. So I recursively combined the forms in more and more complex ways, and arranged the forms to auto-combine more forms, and after a runaway effect, I saw an overwhelming spiritual light, and gave it form. And so I transcended, becoming a qualitatively new type of human, and a new era has began.

Comments on the story:
* To a large extent, the story is an elaboration of the previous story, though the details give it a somewhat different emotional focus.
* "the final measure" - many aspects of the description resemble certain pseudo-civilized practices in our world.
* "permanently inhuman" - one variation on the story is using "permanently subhuman" (or almost subhuman), with the feelings permanently so intense that one is permanently kept on the edge of awareness, with perhaps just enough thought to understand one's state. However, I decided to emphasize the sex aspect over the horror aspect.
* "remember" - memory is a key cognitive aspect, and enhanced memory would allow one to remain more 'human' when thoughts are much less frequent.
* "advanced preparation" - while this is clearly far beyond early 21st century technology, I did not use "very advanced" to emphasize the comparative difficulty of the "extremely advanced" preparation (that eventually led to transcendence).
* "body would just take control" - as in to masturbate and perhaps run to the nearest partner.
* "fresh" - here, not tired or damaged and with the desire and feelings undiminished.
* While I believe in transcendence, the treatment here should be considered science fiction.

Story 30: Demon Boy 7 (April 5, 2017)
    Feeling lonely, I took a walk. Suddenly, I felt a beckoning to go to a certain place, which I did. My expectation increased as I approached, and right at the place, I saw a shining white cloud a few meters in size. Out of the cloud came out a beautiful boy, naked with an erection. He smiled and said, "Come here. Don't worry, I won't hurt you, and if you let me play with you, I will be your friend."
    I knew he could kill me in an instant, yet somehow I felt relaxed. I touched his outstretched hand, and we were teleported to his place. I was now naked with an erection, standing in a young and flawless body. He beckoned me to lie down and relax, and then he lightly touched my penis, but the touch felt very strong, making me intensely sexual. He kissed me, and I felt magic in his mouth, he was more than human, and I experienced his love and mine. He then touched my penis with his magic tongue. For a brief touch, it was so good and overwhelming that it was almost beyond human understanding, and my mind was blank in awe in the moments afterwards. "It's overwhelming," I said. He replied, caressing me, "Don't think. Just feel. It's overwhelming, but that's ok. With my power, I can feel your feelings, and I love it when you enjoy it, so just let it flow and enjoy, and in a sense, transcend," and with another magic touch, he proceeded to suck my penis.
    It started slow as one intense touch at a time, but the touches quickly became more and more frequent until he stimulated me all the time. It was so intense that I was almost mindless. Yet there I was in an otherworldly state as I helplessly watched him suck my penis, as if I was paralyzed in bliss, lying on my back.
    Soon the boy stopped for a few moments, and still fondling my penis, he kissed me again and let my thoughts collect. I wanted more. This time it was much longer, and my mind was a little more collected, when the intensity went up again. My pleasure went beyond normal human limits, and yet I was not blank but felt something unfathomable and good, as my penis exploded in a huge orgasm, and with the boy's magic fully protecting me from harm.
    Then he said in parting, "I loved it. I will find you every day, and tomorrow you can penetrate me. Meanwhile, my magic will protect you. See you next time." I was back where I started in my old body (slightly improved) with my clothes on, alone but not lonely. I felt happy and relaxed, and most importantly, I now felt I had a purpose. Sex can bring intense pleasure to one's life, but with the boy it was more. What the boy said was true, but even if it was not, it was as if the world was now filled with meaning.

Comments on the story:
* To balance the collection, this is a consensual one-on-one encounter with minimal extravagance. I tried to make the feelings real.
* The intensity can be viewed as (an exaggeration of) how the first time sex can feel.
* "Don't think" - while this alludes to the intensity and the resulting altered state of consciousness with reduced thoughts (and that such a state is ok here), it is also meant emotionally as an extension of "Don't worry"; it is not meant as a complete absence of thought, but (to put it positively) freedom from excessive or interfering thoughts. The ability to sense the main character's feelings is key to this advice. Here is an alternative earlier version of the full quote, "Don't think. Just feel. You feelings will be too strong for you to master, but that's OK, trust me. I can feel your feelings and will be in control."
* "even if it was not" - that is even if it was a one time act.
* The magical protection from harm during the climax is arguably necessary given the strength of the pleasure (if it is actually and not just metaphorically "beyond normal human limits").

Story 31: Sexual Restraint 3 (April 18, 2017; modified December 30, 2017)
Part I
    As punishment for my lack of sexual restraint, I was required to wear more and more revealing clothing. Outside of the punishment time, I had to wear full clothing, or else it would count as a lack of restraint. But I did not properly respect the difference, so they used progressively stronger measures.
    At first, having to wear a T-shirt instead of a full shirt felt unusual, but over time, I grew to like it in warm weather. And after the punishment ended, I kept wearing it at times, and was punished by having to wear a T-shirt with slightly shorter sleeves. Soon I had to wear shortened pants, then knee-length shorts, then sleeveless shirt, revealing tank top, shirtless; sandals, barefoot (it was comfortable); medium length shorts, boxers, briefs, bikini, thong, until it was just a comfortable strap that covered my genitals and nothing else.
    At this point, they changed tactics. I was privately stripped and lightly touched on my back. But I did not reform, and each time, I was touched in more areas, more intimately and for longer, even including inner thighs and buttocks, until it was a long massage of everything except my genitals. Still, that did not work, so they used a barely perceptible touch to the forbidden area, my penis. But it did not hurt, and I felt a special interest in that touch. And over many times, the penis touches became longer and more frequent and pleasurable and intense until with my penis constantly excited, they massaged my penis for so long that I got an orgasm. And this was repeated until with a hidden camera, they caught me masturbating.
    I was then forced to be naked in public while they used a sex-suppressant (to prevent erection), but I liked it and started being naked sometimes. As punishment, they briefly fondled my penis in public, and used stronger punishments over time, until unable to cover up, I was given a prolonged sexual stimulus so strong that I just masturbated to orgasm, as an attractive crowd cheered me on.
    I then started masturbating in public, and each time as punishment they gave me a very strong but pleasant stimulus that permanently increased my sexual performance and desire, and they also used that stimulus (making me masturbate) at random (or actually, at specifically chosen times). The stimulus felt overwhelming, and it was presented as a just punishment for masturbation.
    As I was gradually sexualized, I started doing it more often, and it was longer and more intense, with me doing it for hours, until one day, I just went out naked with an erection, and spent the full day naked and exceptionally happy, masturbating on and off (most of the time on), and with further stimulation from attractive passerby fondling me and playing with my penis. This repeated every day, and as they ran out of punishments, they used the special measure.
Part II
    Determined, they gave my penis a brief touch whose strength and pleasure were beyond description, and that caused me to have wild sex for hours (with many attractive partners), and I then felt nonsexual but happy for many days. But after a while, I became unrestrained, and had to be given the same stimulus again, which felt slightly more intense and with the sex slightly prolonged and the nonsexual period afterwards slightly shortened. And so it was repeated until each day I had sex all day long until I fell asleep, and the next morning I just ran out naked with an erection and was immediately given the stimulus again. And then with time, the more pleasurable it became, the fewer thoughts I had, until with me unharmed and almost free from thought, they solved my problem by applying the stimulus for minutes.
    I felt that it was the best thing in my life, much better than all the other pleasure I had combined, and afterwards I had almost constant sex. For whenever I felt a little more collected, I recalled a small fragment of my stimulus, and it felt so good and overwhelming and kept me sensitized so much that I had almost mindless sex for hours (with many attractive partners, and usually in public), until I recalled a fragment of the stimulus again. The sex was much more pleasurable and intense than any normal human orgasm, and it also felt incredibly beautiful and rich. I could not stop it even for a moment (as my body would just continue), and it was so intense that I almost could not think at all, but it felt so good that I almost did not care. (And to the extent I cared about thoughts, I found that with my memory enhanced, just letting it be somehow led to better thoughts.) And they loved that the effect of the stimulus was self-regulating and unending, triggering extreme ecstasy with every penis thrust, with me unable to reduce it or adjust. And to keep me permanently in this state, the stimulus also acted as a special preservative to ensure that my mind and body and memory are preserved (and enhanced), unable to tire, stop, get hurt, or die, and that the intensity and pleasure and the beauty and fulfillment do not diminish over time.
    It lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but with me recalling a fragment of the stimulus more and more often, and occasionally recalling larger and larger fragments (before being overwhelmed), until with my mind expanded, I could almost recall the entire stimulus and break free. But just as I did that, the stimulus morphed into a new sexual stimulus, which was stronger and would keep me imprisoned in a stronger sexual heaven and for longer. And the more my mind expanded, the more intensely I could be made to feel, and the more intensely I could be overwhelmed and yet remain sufficiently aware, with the stimuli keeping the pleasure increasing and at the max, keeping me trapped effectively forever.
    And they found a way to give me more. For many more partners wanted me than I could serve, as sex with me felt special, for a fraction of my joy was transferred to my partners. Now, as they researched my state, they found a temporal anomaly the special stimulus created. With a special technique that they gradually improved, they warped time so that the rest of the world could stand almost still while I had sex with my partners. Thus unrestrained from having just 24 hours a day, I would have much more, so that before too long, I could have millions of years of stimulation in my penis.
    And so it was repeated for countless acts with millions of partners (each morphed into a form I found attractive) and with me perfectly remembering and loving every single partner and even every single act, and with progressively stronger special stimuli keeping me permanently overwhelmed — until I got a sexual stimulus so powerful that my mind expanded so much that I transcended, and a new era has begun.

Comments on the story:
* I liked the sexual restraint idea, but it took me a while to capture the full range of intensities in a single story. Also, I had to choose the type of lack of restraint involved, and exhibitionism makes for the best story.
* "almost mindless" - each recollection of the stimulus temporarily oversensitizes (and otherwise prepares) the main character to the point of having almost mindless sex (being almost unable to think of anything but the sex). See other stories, especially Story 29: Sexual Restraint 2, for additional description of the state.
* "could not stop" - the body would just take control, and if restrained, perhaps just hallucinate sex.
* "memory enhanced, just letting it be" - with enhanced memory, one may be able to piece constructs even if using rare thoughts that are scattered over many hours; without enhanced memory, thoughts (if they are short and infrequent and overshadowed by the action here) would likely be forgotten, but desperately trying to remember may ameliorate it somewhat. A second factor is that the supposedly unthinking time is itself important for the thoughts. (And the third factor is that I wanted the main character's thoughts to be harmonious with, and not in opposition to the stimulus, and without this causing guilt.)
* "unable to reduce it or adjust" - ordinary pleasurable stimuli would trigger a compensatory process by which these stimuli become less pleasurable and fulfilling and intense, and especially with excess, other things may feel worse, and in some cases, pleasure can even gradually transform into pain masqueraded as pleasure. This does not happen with the stimuli in this story (the implicit explanation being the transcendent power of the stimuli, with the meaning of the true transcendence exceeding the pleasure).
* "preserved" - this includes not aging. The extent one's body is "enhanced" is unstated, but the intent is that the body is (or is made) great.
* Here is one extension of the paragraph ending with "effectively forever": "Over time, the more my mind expanded, the stronger and more overwhelming was the pleasure I could perceive, allowing stronger stimuli and less frequent thoughts (and with smaller fraction of my thoughts nonsexual). And yet each second actually slowed down and not sped up, and with each stimulus I had more (and more complex) nonsexual thoughts in the time it took me to advance; and almost devoid of thought (in real-time), I was trapped effectively forever in an almost perfect bliss." Absence of thought fits thematically as punishment, and it generally also corresponds with lack of worry, distraction, and restraint, which intensifies the sex (and is more likely during intense sex). However, I ultimately did not include it because the human interaction aspect of sex is too important, and the main character is already close enough to absence of thought, and thought can enhance sex. Instead, I emphasized being 'aware' and added the reduced thought theme at the end of the first paragraph of Part II.
* "millions of partners" - if a million years is too long, note that this could range (from the perspective of the main character) from less than a century to millions of years; the ideal time is unclear.
* "a new era has begun" - this acts as a closing and underscores the importance of transcendence.

Additional sexual restraint microstories:
* (added March 23, 2018) As punishment for my lack of sexual restraint, my penis was made huge and hypersensitive, and it was made more sensitive each time, until I stimulated it all the time. And then the more pleasurable it became, the fewer thoughts I had per unit time, until with me protected and almost free from thought, they warped time so that I would have millions of years of stimulation in my penis — and even then my pleasant stimulation has only just begun.
* (added April 1, 2018) As punishment for my lack of sexual restraint, my penis was made huge and hypersensitive and with an overwhelming urge to fuck eight hours per day. And then, unharmed, I was supplied with countless extremely sexy eager partners to fuck in public every day.

Story 32: Demon Boy 8 (May 7, 2017)
    A beautiful demon boy approached me, and he wanted my soul. Not in the sense of depriving or hurting or controlling me, but in the sense of causing overwhelming intimate positive feelings and emotions in me and feeling them as his. He was kind, friendly, and playful, and he gradually started touching and caressing me, and then intensifying it yet keeping me relaxed. Soon, he reached my penis and put it in his mouth. The experience and pleasure were rich and overwhelming, but it was also spiritual and pure. Sensitive and exposed, my penis was like a window to my soul, with the boy loving it intensely. He could feel my feelings and alter our bodies as he needed it. It was as if he owned me, not in my decisions, but physically and in my feelings. I did not know whether the boy killed none or thousands, but he loved me, and I loved him all the same.
    It lasted an eternity, or just minutes with me losing track of time, until the pleasure intensified once more, and I reached an overwhelming orgasm, fully consummating our love. I felt fully satisfied, and so did the boy. He could of course alter our bodies and desires to have sex all day long, but he wanted my feelings full and undiluted and evolved. Thus, he instead appeared to me every day, with his magic protecting me meantime.

Comments on the story:
* Given lack of elaboration and physical details, this story may appear empty to some on a fast reading, but it also captures the spiritual dimension in a way the previous stories do not.
* Depending on the preference, the reader can almost skip (or reinterpret) the supernatural elements, thus enhancing the emotional realism.
* "feel my feelings" - not merely know, but feel (either almost or literally) as if the main character's body were a part of the boy's body. The orgasm is a mutual orgasm whether or not the boy's body reached an orgasm.
* "alter our bodies" - thus enhancing the intimacy and the experience (and in terms of storytelling, helping readers with imperfect bodies imagine self as the main character).
* "I loved him all the same" - we should love even horrible persons (without loving bad actions).
* "all day long" - The sexual restraint stories got away with that by using a transcend-level power. Here, only the word "evolved" indicates progression; the intent is that the sex and nonsexual time synergistically lead to progress.
* Additional demon boy microstory (Nov 2, 2017): A beautiful demon boy captured me for sex, and I could not come until it was so good and overwhelming that it was almost beyond human understanding, and protected and unharmed, I had to penetrate him every day.

License: CC BY-SA 3.0