David Reshef

I am currently a PhD student in computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working with Tommi Jaakkola and Josh Tenenbaum. Previously, I studied statistics at the University of Oxford, and computer science at MIT.

I am broadly interested in the areas of machine learning, statistical inference, and information theory. My work focuses on developing tools for identifying structure in high-dimensional datasets using techniques from these fields.

Email: dnreshef <at> mit <dot> edu

Selected Publications

Theoretical Foundations of Equitability and the Maximal Information Coefficient
Y. Reshef, D. Reshef, P. Sabeti, M. Mitzenmacher

Preliminary version at:

Comment on 'Equitability, Mutual Information, and the Maximal Information Coefficient'
D. Reshef*, Y. Reshef*, M. Mitzenmacher**, P. Sabeti**
(*,** these authors contributed equally)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 2014.
[Abstract] [Manuscript]

Equitability Analysis of the Maximal Information Coefficient, with Comparisons
D. Reshef*, Y. Reshef*, M. Mitzenmacher**, P. Sabeti**
(*,** these authors contributed equally)

Preliminary version at:

Factors Related to Increasing Prevalence of Resistance to Ciprofloxacin and Other Antimicrobial Drugs in Neisseria gonorrhoeae, United States
E. Goldstein , R. Kirkcaldy, D. Reshef, S. Berman, H. Weinstock, P. Sabeti, C. Del Rio, G. Hall, E. Hook, M.Lipsitch

Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2012.

Detecting novel associations in large datasets
D. Reshef*, Y. Reshef*, H. Finucane, S. Grossman, G. McVean, P. Turnbaugh, E. Lander,
M. Mitzenmacher**, P. Sabeti** (*, ** these authors contributed equally)

Science, 2011.
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On measures of dependence
D. Reshef

Graduate thesis (University of Oxford), Department of Statistics, advised by Gilean McVean, 2011.

Oseltamivir for treatment and prevention of pandemic influenza A/H1N1 virus infection in households, Milwaukee, 2009
E. Goldstein, B. Cowling, J. O'Hagan, L. Danon, V. Fang, A. Hagy, J. Miller, D. Reshef, J. Robins, P. Biedrzycki, M. Lipsitch

BMC Infectious Diseases, 2010.

Development of high-throughput drug screening assay for membrane repair
D. Reshef, E. Gallardo, S. Gibb, L. Glover, J. Landers, I. Illa, R. Brown Jr.

Presented at International Dysferlin Conference, 2007.

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