The 1997 Cambridge DPS will be in traditional format and will consist of contributed oral talks held in parallel sessions, dedicated sessions for contributed poster presentations, and invited review talks and prize lectures held in plenary sessions. Every effort will be made to ensure that poster papers are given adequate time and space for effective viewing.

NOTE:  All late abstracts will either be rejected or published in a subsequent issue of BAAS. Papers not rejected will be placed into a late-poster area on a space-available basis.

NOTE:  The “one contributed presentation per first author” rule (also known as the speakers’ rule) will be strictly enforced. You may submit only one abstract on which you are first author (whether oral, poster, or title only). A subsequent submission will be automatically rejected unless the first submission is withdrawn prior to the abstract deadline. (Invited papers are excluded from this speaker’s rule.)

NOTE:  The rule that a nonmember may give a paper at only one meeting ever will be strictly enforced. If you are not a DPS member, have previously presented a paper of any kind at a previous DPS meeting (whether oral, poster, or title only, but not including an invited paper),and wish to present a paper at the Cambridge meeting, please refer to the membership instructions given at the Web site.

Abstract Forms and Instructions
Abstracts are to be electronically submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Institute for RECEIPT by 5:00 p.m. (CDT) June 4, 1997. Electronic abstract forms and detailed instructions may be accessed through the Web site. If you do not have access to the Web, hard-copy forms may be obtained by sending a faxed request to the LPI at 281-486-2125. Keep in mind that you must contact the LPI well ahead of the deadline to ensure that you have time to receive the form, prepare your abstract, and mail it back by the deadline. Abstracts will be published in an issue of the Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, which will be distributed at the meeting.

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