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dae11.dat design Re=500K; center panel, mid-panel inner end
dae21.dat design Re=375K; mid-panel outer end
dae31.dat design Re=250K; tip panel, 4.5 ft (1.4 m) from tip
dae41.dat design Re=150K; wingtip
dae51.dat design Re=150K; propeller

Light Eagle

dai1335.dat center panel, mid-panel inner end
dai1336.dat mid-panel outer end
dai1238.dat tip

Decavitator (human powered hydrofoil)

mrc12.dat design Re=300K ; v.1 takeoff and high-speed wings
mrc15.dat design Re=150K ; front stabilizers, all versions

mrc16.dat design Re*sqrt(CL)=250K ; v.2 takeoff wing center
mrc16-95.dat design Re*sqrt(CL)=200K ; v.2 takeoff wing 80% semispan
mrc16-85.dat design Re*sqrt(CL)=175K ; v.2 takeoff wing tip

mrc20.dat design Re=350K ; v.2 high-speed wing center
mrc20-846.dat v.2 high-speed wing 80% semispan
mrc20-700.dat v.2 high-speed wing tip