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Welcome to DSpace, a newly developed digital repository created to capture, distribute and preserve the intellectual output of MIT.

As a joint project of MIT Libraries and the Hewlett-Packard Company, DSpace provides stable long-term storage needed to house the digital products of MIT faculty and researchers.

For the contributor, DSpace offers the advantages of digital distribution and preservation for a variety of formats including text, audio, video, images and datasets. All contributed materials may be subject to access control. Individuals and academic communities may determine who will have access to archived works. In addition, DSpace offers versioning of documents. While contributors are expected to submit "finished" works to DSpace, they may also submit updated and revised work after the initial submission date.

For the end-user, DSpace enables easy remote access and the ability to read and search DSpace items from one location: the World Wide Web!

For the institution, DSpace offers the opportunity to provide access to all the research of the institution through one interface. The repository is organized to accomodate the varying policy and workflow issues inherent in a multi-disciplinary environment. Submission workflow and access policies can be customized to adhere closely to each community's needs.

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