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Project Team

The DSpace Project Team is creating DSpace. Through a combined approach of integrating existing components and solutions, and creating new solutions where nothing appropriate yet exists, the DSpace team is prototyping the future of academic knowledge capture and exchange, today.

MacKenzie Smith, Project Director, MIT

MacKenzie Smith is Associate Director for Technology at the MIT Libraries. Formerly she was the Digital Library Program Manager at the Harvard University Library's Office for Information Systems where she managed the design and implementation of the Library Digital Initiative. Prior to that she worked in various capacities in the Harvard Library's systems office, and in the Library Systems Office at the University of Chicago. Her background is in applied technology in libraries and academia, and she holds a MA in Library and Information Science from the University of Chicago as well as a BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Washington. Phone (617) 253-8184

Mary Barton, Senior Marketing Development Manager, MIT

Mary Barton has extensive experience in market and business analysis. Most recently she was with Analysis Group/Economics, an economic and financial consulting firm in Cambridge. As an Associate at AG/E she developed applied microeconomic and financial models in support of economic expert witnesses in complex business litigation and negotiations. Her work included the estimation of reasonable royalty rates in intellectual property licensing negotiations, statistical analysis of health care and disability claims to determine the true economic cost of illness, and an estimation of the pass through of monopolistic pricing to consumers. Prior to that she helped to develop quantitative marketing materials for a new product launch.

Barton earned her MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1998 with a concentration in Finance and Economics. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a concentration in Finance from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Phone (617) 253-7746

Michael Bass, HP External Engagement Manager

Mick Bass has eleven years of hardware design, software design, and program management experience with Hewlett-Packard Company. Most recently, Mick led a team within HP's Enterprise Computing organization to create and deploy management methods and supportive software tools to effectively manage large and complex development efforts. Prior to this, Mick designed hardware and software contributing to HP's Precision Architecture microprocessors.

In 1999, HP sponsored Mick to earn a Masters of Science in Management of Technology from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mick joined DSpace as the on-site HP manager after finishing the Master's program in June, 2000. He also has a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana. Phone (617) 253-6617.

Margret Branschofsky, Faculty Liaison, MIT

Margret Branschofsky has over thirteen years of experience as a professional librarian in academic science and engineering libraries, first at the University of Cincinnati and most recently at MIT, where she was Associate Head of the Engineering and Science Libraries for six years. Previous experience includes library support work for a library automation vendor and computer programming experience. Margret's special interest has been the application of new technologies to library services. She participated in the statewide OHIOLINK project, the Elsevier TULIP project, and in the development of MIT's digital library. Margret has a Master of Science degree in Library Science from the University of Kentucky and a B.A. from Queens College, City University of New York. She enjoys traveling, has lived in Austria, Canada and France, and is proficient in German and French. Phone (617) 253-1293.

William Cattey, Technical Reviewer, MIT

Bill Cattey is a Senior Analyst Programmer for Information Systems at MIT. Coming to MIT as an undergraduate in 1978, he remembers using Multics to do word processing his junior year. After getting his SB in Computer Science and Engineering, Bill had a short stint at Bolt Beranek and Newman Labs where he learned about network protocols from some mighty fine folks. He returned to MIT in October 1985 to join Project Athena. Bill stayed on when Project Athena went full production under the auspicies of Information Systems in 1990. He has been active in collaboration with the MIT Libraries since 1992. He feels he has been working on DSpace since 1994, but back then it was a pipe-dream called "The Regional Bit Center." Bill has interests in business, management, history, and the arts. He loves music, and the theater. He has written poetry and published it on the web. Phone (617) 253-0140.

Daniel Chudnov, Systems Curator, MIT

Daniel Chudnov joined the DSpace project for the MIT Libraries in June 2001. Prior to this he was a Systems Architect at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at the Yale School of Medicine. While at Yale, Dan worked on the jake project for e-journal metadata reference linking, and an early web-based document delivery toolkit that was eventually absorbed into the Prospero project, now based at OSU. He has also been an advocate for free software in libraries, by maintaining oss4lib.org, the leading open source for libraries resource, and as a frequent author and speaker. Dan has an M.S. in Information Science, and a B.A. in Economics and Japanese, both from the University of Michigan. Outside of work, he enjoys playing music, running, iaido, and volunteering for Irreference Inc., the non-profit firm which supports the jake project. Phone (617) 452-2810.

Julie Harford, Senior Marketing Development Manager, MIT

Julie Harford joins the DSpace team with a strong background in product management and business planning. As a Senior Product Manager at Adero, an Internet content distribution service, Harford helped define the requirements for and manage the release of Adero's flagship Content Bridge service. Prior to that, she was a consultant for Pittiglio, Rabin, Todd & McGrath and worked with emerging companies to develop business plans and create marketing strategies. While at GE Global eXchange Services she held the title of Strategic Marketing Specialist and Product Manager for several of GE's cutting-edge e-commerce software solutions.

Harford earned her MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1998 with a focus on marketing in high technology companies. She also has a degree in management with a dual concentration in marketing and information systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Phone (617)258-8303.

David Stuve, Developer, HP

David Stuve has been a software engineer for Hewlett-Packard Company for the past seven years. His most recent project was team lead for a knowledge management system for HP's ink jet printer division. Previous projects include a distributed computing environment and modeling and simulation tools. Before coming to HP, David ran a consulting company that specialized in graphics tools and firmware for networked devices, and spent time as a middle-school science teacher. Although an avid fan of technology, David spends most of his recreational time away from it: when time permits, he enjoys travel, hiking, canoeing, cooking, reading, and playing and composing music for the piano and classical guitar. Phone (617) 253-5775.

Robert Tansley, Developer, HP

Robert Tansley has joined us from HP Labs in Bristol, England. Robert completed a PhD in the application of semiology to multimedia information at the University of Southampton in 2000. During his time at Southampton, he also designed and implemented the Eprints open source preprint and reprint archive software, currently used by Southampton as a cognitive sciences repository (CogPrints), and by the University of California eScholarship programme, amongst others. He was also involved in the specification and alpha-testing of the Open Archives Initiative metadata harvesting protocol. During his spare time, Robert enjoys music, film and travel. Phone (617) 253-4439.




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