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News and Recent Accomplishments

  • Persistent naming strategy has been solidified. DSpace will use the CNRI handle system.
  • Workflow requirements have been defined, designed, and documented.
  • User interface design requirements for the "early adopter release" have been specified.
  • Test load of MIT Press out-of-print digital books yielded:
    • Implementation of bitstream storage
    • Search capability bundling Free Wais external search engine
    • Metadata requirements for "early adopter release"
  • Early Adopters: This fall we will be working with early adopter communities at MIT to test the first version of DSpace. Watch for our next newsletter (following shortly), which will introduce the early adopters and describe the early adopter program.

DSpace Presentations:

  • International Federation of Libarary Associations - August 2001
  • Library and Information Technology Association - October 2001
  • American Society for Information Science & Technology - November 2001




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