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Additive Manufacturing: Tracking the energy usage of new technologies

We are working with Cummins to analyse the resource and energy consumption of additive processes. We will compare it with conventional manufacturing and evaluate the feasibility of its application in injection molding tooling.

RAFFT Project: Modeling the benefits of a new incremental sheet forming technology

Rapid and Flexible Forming Technology (RAFFT) is a new sheet metal forming process in which heavy fixed dies are replaced with computer controlled mobile tools.

The project is part of a three-year, $7.04 million U.S. Department of Energy grant to advance next-generation, energy-efficient manufacturing processes. Led by Ford, other collaborators include Northwestern University, The Boeing Company and Penn State Erie. EBM are leading the collaboration in assessing the potential energy, carbon and cost benefits of the technology.

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Single stream recycling: Modelling of material, exergy and energy flows

We are working with the waste managment plants that Ferrovial operates all over Spain on increasing the recovery of recyclable materials from municipal solid waste.

Previous projects

Thermodynamic Analysis of Manufacturing Processes

Stephanie Dalquist; Jeffrey Dahmus; Alex Thiriez; Alissa Jones; Matthew Branham; Dusan Sekulic, U. Kentucky; Timothy Gutowski. Sponsors: National Science Foundation, SKF


Sahil Sahni, MIT Dept. of Material Science & Eng.; Avid Boustani, MIT Dept. of Mechanical Eng.; Malima Wolf, MIT Dept. of Mechanical Eng.; Elsa Olivetti, MIT Dept. of Material Science & Eng.; Steve Graves, MIT Sloan School; Timothy Gutowski. Sponsor: MIT Energy Initiative


Malima Wolf; Natalia Duque Ciceri; Jeffrey Dahmus; Dominic Albino; Phillip Bohr, TU Berlin; Ante Mrkonjic, U. Stuttgart; Brianne Metzger; Timothy Gutowski. Sponsors: National Science Foundation, Hewlett Packard. Collaborators: Roger Morton, Axion Ltd. U.K.; Mike Mankosa, Eriez

Production and Efficiency

Jones, Jeffrey Dahmus; Suganth Kalakkad; Arnaud Uzabiaga, Ecole Polytechnic, Paris; Olivia Grehler, BU; Timothy Gutowski

Environmental Life Style Analysis

Amanda Taplett, Anna Allen, Amy Banzaert, Rob Cirinciore, Christopher Cleaver, Stacy Figueredo, Susan Fredholm, Betar Gallant, Alissa Jones, Jonathan Krones, Barry Kudrowitz, Cynthia Lin, Alfredo Morales, David Quinn, Megan Roberts, Robert Scaringe, Tim Studley, Sittha Sukkasi, Mika Tomczak, Jessica Vechakul, Malima Wolf, Timothy Gutowski

Environmental Analysis of Manufacturing Processes

Jeffrey Dahmus, Stephanie Dalquist, Alex Thiriez, Timothy Gutowski. Sponsor: National Science Foundation.Collaborators; Jung-Hoon Chun, MIT; John Sutherland, Michigan Tech; Marquita Hill, University of Maine, Orono

Production, Use and Efficiency

Jeffrey Dahmus, Timothy Gutowski

A Permit Market Approach to Foster Sust. Man. of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Philipp Bohr, Timothy Gutowski: In the course of this project, an analysis of plausible regulatory incentive schemes to foster sustainable manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment is conducted. The main emphasis is on closing material loops via reuse, remanufacturing and recycling.

Recycling Index for Inkjet Printers

Brianne Metzger, Timothy Gutowski. Sponsor: Hewlett Packard. Collaborators: Tim Frederick and Erin Gately, HP

Benign and Efficient Materials

Olivia Grebler, Timothy Gutowski