MoSS: Morphogenic Surface Structures (1999)

MoSS is a research program that utilizes Lindenmayer systems to generatively model or grow surface structures within a three-dimensional shaping environment. The environment adds controlled flexibility to the system which can emulate real world constraints including material properties, applied, and dynamic loads. MoSS allows the user to specify a base grammar and guide growth through the application of boundary and field conditions. The software outputs files to CAD/CAM applications allowing for three-dimensional testing in physical models. The investigative software is written in C++ as a plug-in to Alias|Wavefront Studio.

Principal Investigator: Peter Testa, School of Architecture & Planning
Research Scientist: Una-May O'Reilly, Artificial Intelligence Lab
Software Design: Markus Kangas
Research Assistants: Axel Kilian, Janet Fan

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