documentation: MoSS


Overview (on this page)

Installation Instructions

1.0 Alias
    1.1 The Platform
2.0 The Plugin
    2.1 Loading and Unloading
    2.2 Adjusting the Filepaths

MoSS Tutorial

3.0 Running the Plugin
   3.1 The Data File and its Parameters
   3.2 The Grammar
   3.3 The Filters
   3.4 The Surface Option
   3.5 The Tree Option
   3.6 Examples of Grammar Inputs


4.0 Errors in Running MoSS
   4.1 Orientation, Reload Problems after Filter3
   4.2 Problems with Incorrect Syntax
   4.3 Things to Note


Aristid Lindenmeyer
Developed the principle to simulate biological growth in 1968

The principle of L-Systems in 3D
is based on the turtle principle. A turtle moves through space with a position vector and three axis vectors determining its momentary orientation in space (length direction, upwards direction and tilt to the sides). In the L-Systems there are rules which describe the turtles movement in space in respect to its local direction vectors (pitch, roll, and turn).

The adaptation of the L-system for MoSS
Modeling of surface and structure uses the L-system primarily with the goal to generate growth of surfaces. The growth is depending on environmental input. There are attractors and repellers in the growth environment which influence the angles locally for each new generation.

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