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6.Insight, the EECS Seminar Series, gives students the opportunity to educate others within the general EECS community about their research and other interesting topics. This series of talks complements the other seminar series at MIT by being accessible to anyone in Course VI. This series is brought to you by your fellow students in MIT IEEE and in the EECS Graduate Students Association with support from the EECS Department.

Each seminar will provide a high-level overview of a particular field, with an emphasis on current and future opportunities in that field and how to get involved. For example, these talks address questions like:

  • What are the current "hot topics" in field X?
  • What techniques or methods (mathematical, experimental, scientific, etc) are typically used to solve problems in field X?
  • What is the future of field X?
  • How is field X related to fields Y and Z?
  • If someone wanted to get into field X, what kind of background should he/she have and how does one obtain that background?

While these presentations contain a bit more technical content than most other talks geared towards a general audience, included technical content is within the bounds of what is covered in general introductory courses. For example, a seminar on quantum computing may involve basic notions from linear algebra, big-O notation, and complex numbers. These talks will not be as technical as those at laboratory-specific seminars or at conferences; prior familiarity with the field is unnecessary. These talks are designed for MIT students who are interested in learning about hot fields in electrical engineering and computer science and want to seek out related opportunities in academic research or industry.

There will be four sessions per semester. Please check the calendar for dates, times, and locations. We are still looking for speakers -- contact us if you are interested! Thank you for your support!

Last modified on February 2, 2008.

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