EICC Charter

The Electron-Ion Collider Collaboration has been formed for the following purposes and goals:

  1. to develop the most compelling science case for a high-luminosity, high-energy, electron-ion collider (EIC) independent of where it may be sited;
  2. to work with accelerator physicists, especially at BNL and JLab, to develop the optimal EIC accelerator design; and
  3. to design and realize through an R&D program the most optimal suite of detectors for the EIC.


The EICC membership is open to any one who will work on achieving the goals of the EICC. Any physicists interested in joining should contact Abhay Deshpande at or Richard Milner at


The EIC Collaboration is governed by an EICC Steering Committee, broadly representative of the collaborating institutes with two co-chairs who will act as contact persons/spokespersons of the collaboration.

The purpose of the Steering Committee is:

The Steering Committee is appointed by the EIC Collaboration, and will be renewed ~annually. The present members of the Steering Committee are:

International Advisory Committee

The members of the International Advisory Committee are:

Working Groups and Convenors

The activities of the Collaboration are divided into several working groups. The convenors of the various working groups are:

  • ep Physics
    • Antje Bruell, JLab
    • Ernst Sichtermann, LBL
    • Werner Vogelsang, BNL
    • Christian Weiss, JLab
  • eA Physics
    • Vadim Guzey, JLab
    • Dave Morrison, BNL
    • Thomas Ullrich, BNL
    • Raju Venugopalan, BNL
  • Detector
    • Elke Aschenauer, JLab
    • Edward Kinney, U. Colorado
    • Bernd Surrow, MIT
  • Electron Beam Polarimetry
    • Sasha Bazilevsky, BNL
    • Wolfgang Lorenzon, U. Michigan

Meetings and Communications

Two collaboration meetings are held per year.

Convenors organise working group meetings as necessary.

Special topical meetings are organised by the Steering Committee and the working group convenors.

Mailing lists have been created to facilitate communication within the Collaboration and working groups.