I've been hacking webpages since 1994. I've finally concluded that it's just hacking. Don't misunderstand, hacking is fun -- I've made it a large part of my life -- but that doesn't mean it's appropriate to do it on stage. (But then again, there's LiveJournal :-)

Rather than include a bunch of stale links, or attempt to show off my cleverness at pseudo-typesetting, I'd like to simply present some things I have to share.

I hope you find these things useful. If you'd care to comment, please send me email or perhaps a postcard. Thank you.

Highlighted Projects

I've been experimenting with BarCode Scanning and as a result have indexed the SIPB Office Library using the MIT Library and Library of Congress for data.

If you have time, please look at my kittensurvey.

(My Old Pages are still available, if you'd rather see the cruft described earlier, and to help find things I haven't simplified yet.)