Mark Eichin

Who is Mark Eichin anyway?

(imagine a black and white picture here) (imagine a black and white picture here)
They look better in color, from an IndyCam.

On the net, I'm known as:

Around MIT, I'm more specifically an MIT SIPB Member who graduated MIT 1988 with an SB in CSE.

As, I work for CYGNUS Support on Support for Free Software.

You'll often find me at Lucky Garden or Royal East or other local restaurants but most often at Mary Chung's now that she's open again (yaaay!).

You can also catch me on W1XM/R 449.725mhz-5mhz -- CTCSS tone is 114.8 (2A) as Amateur Radio operator N1DPU.

I might even be logged in somewhere around MIT. If I am, I'll probably be hacking on something although I probably should be doing Real Work of some kind.

Sometimes I'm logged in on my Linux box, paycheck. It runs Kerberos as well, and Taylor UUCP 1.04 and Sendmail 5.67 so you can email me there.

If you wish to communicate with me privately, or verify messages that I send out, you'll want to use my PGP Public Keys.

I also hack on WWW, probably more than I should. Some times I just explore it. You can blame me for the Amateur Radio Callsign gateway, and I'm looking for ideas for others. I'm starting to collect and set up an N-scale model railroad, and someday I'll probably put it on the web too.

You can fax me at work:


The least likely place to find me is at home, especially now that I've moved.

Why can it be illegal to sell something that it is legal to give away?

Ever heard of kittens?