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Thomas Peacock

Associate Professor, MIT (2007-present)
Assistant Professor, MIT (2003-2007)


B.Sc., Manchester University (1994)
D. Phil., Oxford University (1998)
Research Associate, University of Colorado (1998-2000)
Instructor, MIT (2000-2003)

Tom set up the ENDLab in 2003, when he joined Mechanical Engineering at MIT. The diversity of the group reflects his interests in using experiment, theory and numerics to investigate and understand dynamical phenomena. Week-in and week-out, he is involved with all the research projects going on in the lab. A resume, including a detailed list of publications and presentations is available. His official ME website has further details. [link]

A detailed resume is also available. [link]

When not in the lab trying to oversee the advancement of science, Tom likes to be outdoors and travel to far distant corners of the earth. For his sins, he is a supporter of the Spurs, who may some day rise again above mediocrity. He studied in England for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees, before coming through Colorado as a postdoc (where his skiing improved significantly) to become a faculty member at MIT.


Séverine Atis


Séverine joined the ENDLab in spring 2014. Her research interests lie in statistical mechanics, dynamical systems and condensed matter. After her PhD in Physics, she obtained a DGA fellowing and is now working on Lagrangian coherent structures and particle dispersion in two-dimensional flows. Her research methods combine laboratory experiments and numerical models.

Originating from the gastronomical region of Dijon, France, Séverine doesn't fail to her Burgundian duties, enjoying cooking, good cheese and wine. She moved to Paris to pursue her PhD at Université Paris-Sud, and developed her skills in music. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the Boston-Cambridge area, biking, hiking, sailing and reading about astrophysics.

Email: atis [at]


Matthieu Leclair


Matthieu (2!) joined the ENDLab in winter 2013. After a Ph.D. in the ocean modeling numerics field and a first postdoc dedicated to internal wave studies (focusing in particular on nonlinear reflections), he's now working on both Lagrangian Coherent Structures and internal waves in the team. He still keeps a watchful eye and connections with the ocean modeling community and while having an applied mathematics / numerics background, his research includes lab experiments and ocean data.

Originating from the Paris region where he did his Master's in applied mathematics at ENPC and his Ph. D. at LOCEAN, he moved to the beautiful Alps region for his first postdoc at LEGI (Grenoble). His personal interests include outdoor sports and especially mountain related ones, such as walking, running, cycling, skiing, etc ... He also enjoys good food, drinks and traveling.

Email: mleclair [at]


Margaux Filippi

Graduate student

Margaux is looking into using the topological tools from braid theory to analyze drifter trajectories and transport barriers in the ocean. Her investigations, which blend her undergraduate degrees in oceanography and pure mathematics with her experience working in coastal engineering, will also incorporate laboratory experiments and oceanic flow patterns analysis.

Prior to her start at the ENDlab in June 2013, Margaux lived 5 years in Hawai'i, where she seized any chance she could to play either immersed underwater or in the air practicing her aerialist skills. Born in Paris, she spent the first 17 years of her life exploring Europe.

Email: margaux [at]


Sasan John Ghaemsaidi

Graduate student

Sasan's primary research interests are stratified flows and internal wave dynamics. His research focus is a combination of computational analysis and experimental investigation. He joined ENDLab in August 2009.

Personal interests include running, international affairs, the arts, and enjoying the wealth of activites offered by both MIT and the Boston area. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin before making his way up north to MIT.

Email: sjsaidi [at]


Spencer Wilson

Undergraduate researcher

Spencer Wilson was raised in Moultrie, GA. He is studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, class of 2015. He is currently working on experiments in the ENDlab regarding internal wave dynamics and stratified flows for his senior thesis. He plans to pursue an MPhil at Cambridge University in the Advanced Structures Group. Spencer is also an avid cyclist, filmmaker, musician, rock climber, and Volkswagen restorationist.

Email: spencerw [at]

Sarah Fay

Undergraduate researcher

Sarah is a Massachusetts native at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering. She is doing her senior thesis with the ENDlab working on Lagrangian Coherent Structures. Next year, Sarah will continue her time at MIT as a Master's candidate. Outside of academics, Sarah competes for MIT's field hockey and squash teams, though next year she plans to transition to playing club water polo.

Email: scfay[at]


Nils Holzenberger

Visiting student

Nils is a visiting student at MIT, through the MIT-France program with Mines ParisTech (École des Mines). He joined the ENDLab in September 2014, and will be with us through January 2015. His research project focuses on internal wave patterns generated by an oscillating cylinder. This involves solid lab work, methods of flow visualization, and computer analysis.

Born and raised in Paris, Nils grew up in a mixed European home environment. His interests include science, cultures and languages, and he also enjoys running and traveling. Currently pursuing his Master's degree at Mines ParisTech, Nils is working with the ENDLab as an exchange student to find out how to become a researcher worth his salt.

Email: nholzenb [at]


Ray Hardin



List of past graduates

  • Maha Haji — Doctoral Candidate, MIT
    M.Sc. (graduated 2015)
  • Matthieu Mercier — Postdoctoral Fellow, IMFT
    Postdoc (2013)
  • Michael Allshouse — Postdoctoral Fellow, UT - Austin
    Ph.D. (graduated 2013)
  • Manikandan Mathur — Assistant Professor, IIT - Madras
    Ph.D. (graduated 2010)
  • Paula Echeverri — Makani Power Inc.
    Ph.D. (graduated 2009)
  • Matthew Weldon — Applied Research Labs, Penn State University
    M.Sc. (graduated 2007)
  • Raul Coral — Global Power Group, Cambridge
    M.Sc. (graduated 2005)