MIT Energy Efficiency Strategy Project

Many studies have estimated that energy efficiency in homes and buildings could reduce electric and gas consumption in 2030 by more than 20% at less than $0 net cost to society. Energy efficiency the lowest cost option for large scale mitigation of carbon emissions.  However, finding solutions that successfully deploy deep efficiency across all homes, buildings, and communities has proven to be challenging objective.

The Energy Efficiency Strategy Project is a growing research program that seeks to add to the state of the art of energy efficiency, with a focus on Community Engagement as a transformative path.  Participating faculty and students develop, analyze, and articulate new policy and strategy models, and evaluate recent experimental approaches, which have included:

  • Carrots: new models for utility and government‐supported incentives
  • Sticks: building codes and appliance standards
  • Information: behavior/feedback systems, supported by Internet and “smart” electric/gas meters
  • Community Mobilization: creating effective partnerships between utilities and community-based organizations
  • Marketplace Innovation: new business approaches and policies promotive of innovation.

This website supports a collaboration of students and faculty seeking to leverage the benefits of community-based resources to meet large and aggressive state, national, and worldwide energy efficiency policy objectives.  Specifically, we study whether mobilizing communities is a promising approach to meet energy efficiency goals, and how that can be accomplished through design of collaborative engagement models.

Participants include graduate students in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, the Technology and Policy Program, the Sloan School of Management, and the MIT Community Innovators Laboratory. Seed funding, beginning in 2008, has been provided by the MIT Energy Initiative, as well as with support from the Edison Foundation, NSTAR Electric and Gas, CISCO, and Duke Energy.

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