MIT Energy Efficiency Strategy Project
PI: Harvey G. Michaels
Energy Efficiency Lecturer and Research Scientist
Room: 9-326 | Tel: (617) 253-2804 | Email:

Harvey Michaels teaches energy efficiency with focus on strategy innovation, and directs the MIT Energy Efficiency Strategy Project, which includes business/policy studies of utility, community, and smart grid-enabled efficiency deployment models. He is affiliated with the MIT Programs in Environmental Policy and Planning, as well as Housing, Communities, and Economic Development. Harvey also participates in the MIT Energy Initiative and the Campus Energy Task Force.

From 1997 to 2007, Harvey led Nexus Energy Software (now Aclara Software) which builds utility efficiency and customer service Web sites, as well as Meter Data Management systems. Before founding Nexus, Harvey was president of XENERGY (now part of Kema Consulting and Con Edison Solutions), which specialized in efficiency resource studies and analysis systems. Harvey serves on the Boards of Conservation Services Group and E-Meter Corporation, and was a founding member of the New England Clean Energy Council, Northeast Energy Efficiency Council (Vice President), and Association of Energy Services Professionals.

Research Assistants
Masters in City Planning (MCP)

Elena Alschuler is a Masters student at DUSP with a concentration in Environmental Policy and Planning. As a Research Assistant for the Energy Efficiency Strategy Project, Elena is examining strategies to use the smart grid and information feedback to drive behavior and operational changes in office buildings, with a particular focus on Duke Energy's Smart Energy Now pilot in Charlotte NC. Previously, Elena was a Senior Analyst at HR&A, where she served as the project manager for NYSERDA's Focus on Commercial Real Estate program, providing technical assistance and account management services for NYC’s largest owner and manager firms.

Technology and Policy Program (TPP)

Jeff Mekler is a Master's of Science candidate in the Engineering System's Technology and Policy Program. With a background in the engineering, Jeff is interested in investigating technologies and supporting policies to enable sustainable urban development. Jeff joined the Energy Efficiency Strategy Project in Fall 2010.

Masters in City Planning (MCP)

Lindsay Reul is a Master of City Planning candidate in the the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP). Previously practicing as a landscape architect, Lindsay used to conduct visual assessment studies on wind energy farms in Upstate New York. She has since been interested in studying the spatial implications of energy production and consumption, and to better understand design and planning interventions to reduce consumption levels in the built environment. Lindsay joined the Energy Efficiency Strategy Project in January 2011.

Community Innovators Lab

Amy Stitely is the U.S. Green Hub Program Director at the MIT Community Innovators Lab (CoLab). A former architect and MIT alumna, Amy oversees CoLab’s domestic activities related to the practice of “greening with equity.” Since Fall 2009, Amy has been supporting the Energy Efficiency Strategy Project as the research team coordinator.

Contributing Researchers
Erin Brandt (Tufts, MCP)Brendan McEwen (MIT, MCP)
Pat Coleman (MIT, MCP)Marcus Rozbitzky (Tufts, MCP)
Rob Crauderueff (MIT, MCP)Lily Song (MIT, DUSP PhD)
Kat Donnelly (MIT, ESD PhD)Rosie Sherman (MIT, MCP)
Kate Goldstein (MIT, BT PhD)Stephanie Stern (MIT, MCP)
Ryan Hammond (MIT, Sloan PhD)Brittany Zwicker (Tufts, MCP)
Christopher Jones (MIT, DUSP PhD
Recent Events
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Cities and community organizations continue to move forward as catalysts of energy efficiency in the built environment. With emphasis on highlighting the work of students and recent graduates, we consider how local action is moving to the forefront as a strategy to save energy and mitigate climate change.

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