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  One of the largest challenges facing regional electric power systems is how to manage the operation and expansion of the grid without direct ownership and control of many of generation and transmission assets. How the market behaves (Market Dynamics) is also influenced by the how electrical energy and "ancillary services" such as voltage support, frequency control, and generation reserves are bought and sold.

Another large area of technological change and innovation is on the lower voltage system. How intelligent must the Distribution System become in order for smarter electric loads and distributed generation to "take off?" Will pervasive "customer-side" generation require new approaches to protection and control on distribution systems? What regulatory approaches may help, or hinder the development and deployment of these systems?

The Competitive Power Systems group at the MIT Energy Laboratory currently has two projects exploring these topics. They are:

   New Concepts and Software for Competitive Power Systems:
Operations and Management

   Distributed Power Industry of the Future

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